$1.45M Vintage Style Home w/ 5 Car Garage, 1 Bedroom


Every enthusiast I’m friends with, when asked about their dream life situation, invariably comes up with a variation on the same theme: “Well, I’d like a big garage (probably with an elevator), the house doesn’t doesn’t matter much.” What if you could wake up, make coffee and watch your car collection from your living room? What if the whole house was car-themed? Ideal, right? If you’ve got a couple million in cash and need to store five hot rods in suburban Boston, this pad in Natick, MA might be the place for you.

At first glance of the 1,000 square foot living quarters, there is not a tonne clues as to its magnitude. There is only one bedroom and two bathrooms, according to the Zillow list. The kitchen has retro-aesthetic appliances, yes, but the living room could be out of any house built in the last 30 years down to the modern sand-colored walls.

Step into the attached garage, however, and the home’s main attraction becomes clear: there’s a five-car garage with a two-post lift, all finished in rustic wood trim with a color palette I can’t imagine. describe that as “vintage Americana”. “

Also installed is an absolutely gorgeous workbench (although it appears to be much cleaner than mine at the moment) and a parts sink, as well as direct access to a wet bar (clearly the owner of this house understands the therapeutic power of a cold after a long day hunched over an engine compartment).

The theming continues outside throughout. The aforementioned bar has a recessed and raised copper ceiling and a Sam Adams neon; the exterior of the house looks exactly like a classic gas station pulled straight from Route 66 in its heyday. It’s not really a converted gas station, though! The house was built in 2014 – the last image above, taken from Google Streetview history, was taken in September 2013 and shows the house being built – and was designed by architect Patrick Ahearn, which focuses on adapting classical architecture to modern homes. Ahearn himself is a car enthusiast, and so many houses he designs (including his own) include massive garages seamlessly integrated into the rest of the house design.

Unfortunately, if you want that garage back with a house, it will cost you a lot. The property is currently listed at $1.45 million, which equates to almost $1,500 for every square foot of living space. Unfortunately, given current housing prices in Boston and the fact that it sits on almost a third of an acre of land, it’s consistent with the area and I wouldn’t expect to be able to rob this place for half of its listing. It might be worth it to some, though – how else are you going to relive american graffiti in the comfort of your own home?

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