10/27 Hasbro exclusive livestream reveals



On Wednesday, Hasbro Pulse hosted a live event exclusively for its premium members. Fortunately, a few toy reviews and websites were kind enough to share pictures and information about the event.

Credit for images and information goes to Toyark, KyloCollector, and Yakface.

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Any serious toy collector already has Toyark bookmarked. Not only are they great for delivering news / images, but the site provides plenty of links where you can purchase numbers once they’re available. They are also phenomenal toy photographers. Even if they didn’t provide a well-organized feed of toy news, Toyark would be worth a visit just for their photoshoots.

If you’ve been collecting Star Wars action figures for some time, it’s likely KyloCollector is already on your watchlist. Besides giving great scoops / information, he does a great job of helping collectors stay on top of when / where products are available.

As many of you probably know, Yakface is the best site for well-sourced rumors and verified scoops about Star Wars toys. The site is so good, in fact, that they were blackballed by Disney / Hasbro for it. Fortunately, that didn’t stop their continued excellent track record of finding new releases before they were officially revealed.

Speaking of disclosures, let’s start with what was shown yesterday for the Black Series.

Echo of the black series


It might have taken us longer than we expected to get this Bad Batch team member, but his long-awaited release is fantastic. Hasbro also decided to include a grapple arm attachment, which is both very cool and much loved.

The figure will cost $ 22.99 and should be available next summer.

Omega black series

Okay, I fully admit that I was not at all excited when this number was announced. After becoming a huge fan of the character, however, I cautiously added him to my shopping list. Now that I’ve seen how stunning the action figure is – and that it comes with it Ruby as a prop – you better believe i will hang this one ASAP.

The figure will cost $ 22.99 and should be available next summer.

Bib Black Series Fortuna

I’m always more excited about the Vintage Collection version of this character, but my Black Series Jabba won’t hesitate to have a consigliere on the shelf with him – especially one that looks this good.

The figure will cost $ 22.99 and should be available next summer.

Black Series Stormtrooper (Jedha Patrol)

This revelation was kinda “meh” to me, but it still looks good. It is also the Thief one version of this soldier especially if you are a completist.

The figure will cost $ 22.99 and should be available next summer.

The Vintage collection pipeline reveals

Listen, I’m too excited about Figren D’an like anyone, but this is the third time it’s been “revealed” that her figure is developing.

As for Yoda and the 501st Trooper, this news will be much more exciting once it is confirmed that we are getting new sculptures / updates.

The Death Watch Airborne Trooper is going to be an obvious army builder and a must buy.

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