10 Brilliant Blanket Storage Ideas


Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold region, chances are you have an abundance of blankets around the house. That’s because they’re easy to grip on cold winter nights or even in the summer when your partner prefers the thermostat to stay low. Blankets also make great gifts, so you’ve probably hoarded more than you really need. Still, some have sentimental value or you can frequently host overnight guests.

In order to avoid a pile of blankets, it is important to know how to organize them when they are not in use. The following blanket storage ideas will help you avoid clutter and maintain a tidy space while keeping throws close at hand.

Greg Scheidemann

1. Store them in a trunk

Whether old, vintage or even new, storage chests make a great multi-functional piece of furniture. A trunk placed in the living room or family den can serve as a coffee table and create the necessary storage for blankets. Tuck a few blankets inside with your favorite board games to save space in an entertainment center or bookshelf. If you choose to use a trunk as a coffee table, place the items on a tray for easy removal when you need coverage on game night.

Kimberly Gavin

2. Use built-in cabinets

A storage cabinet with glass doors is perfect for storing extra blankets. If you don’t have built-in wardrobes, use a free-standing design in a central location to make it easy for guests to locate linens if they get cold in the middle of the night. In order to keep blankets clean when not in use, perfect your folding technique. Or place them in fabric bins on shelves to conceal visual clutter.

Kim Cornelison

3. Reuse a firewood rack

Whether it’s a vintage find from your last antique trip or has been passed down to you, a spare log rack can be used as storage for blankets. Roll them up tightly, so they mimic firewood, and stack them on the rack. Place it within easy reach of your designated spot on the couch and away from the fireplace for added safety, so you can easily grab a cozy blanket.

Cameron Sadeghpour

4. Store blankets with extra linens

If there’s more room in your linen closet, consider storing blankets next to sheets and towels. Quilts, duvets and quilts can be neatly folded and placed on the upper or lower shelves. Since they probably aren’t used as often as your bedding, they don’t need to occupy a prime spot in the center of the closet. Stack the pillows horizontally with the blankets if space permits.

Edmond Barr

5. Use a coverage ladder

Ladder bookcases are a great way to maximize vertical space, and a blanket ladder can have the same effect in a living room or den. Lean a thin ladder against any empty spot on the wall. Then fold and space your most valuable or attractive covers along the rungs. In addition to serving as storage, a blanket ladder also doubles as decor.

Kim Cornelison

6. Hang on hooks

Individual hooks for beach blankets and bath towels are both aesthetically pleasing and provide a way to designate storage space for individuals within the household. Recreate the system with blankets. Install decorative, heavy-duty hooks evenly across a wall in a living room, hallway, or porch, then hang a soft blanket for each member of the family. This method looks best when the covers match or feature a similar hue, pattern, or style.

Jason Donnelly

7. Hide them in an ottoman

After a long day, relax by resting your feet on an ottoman. Take it to the next level by snuggling up with a comfy blanket tucked inside. Find an ottoman with storage, such as those for shoes or children’s toys, and fill it with blankets instead. This keeps them out of sight but easy to access.

Nathan Schroder

8. Fill a drawer

Built-in benches with lift-up or pull-out storage drawers are commonly found in breakfast room banquettes. But you can incorporate the idea into other areas of your home, including a window seat in the family room. Instead of table linens or infrequently used small appliances, hide blankets in the drawers of a storage bench to prevent clutter. Place a blanket on top of the bench to encourage readers or dreamers to snuggle up at any time of the day.

Greg Scheidemann

9. Roll in a basket

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to store a blanket is to use a basket. Reuse the one you already have and drop or roll a few blankets inside. It can live more or less anywhere in your home. However, try storing it in a corner or under a console table so it’s out of any walkways. Rotate covers seasonally.

Jason Donnelly

10. Pack up with winter things

During the summer months, heavy or holiday-themed blankets don’t need to be stowed within easy reach. Fold them compactly into a zippered organizer or lidded plastic bag and place them on a high closet shelf. You can also put them in vacuum sealed bags if you are short on space. Then simply slip them under a bed frame. Either way, be sure to label what’s inside so there’s no doubt when it’s fall.


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