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Currently in its 14th season, A&E hit reality show Storage wars has had its fair share of extremely weird celebrity and non-celebrity guests over 262+ episodes. Depending on the theme of a particular episode or featured storage location, random people appear out of nowhere and add a bit of extra entertainment for Brandi, Jarrod, Dan, Laura, and the rest of the mainstays of the series.

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Professional musicians, actors, poker players, directors, editors and other random personalities, the strangest stars invited on Storage wars deliver some of the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

ten Phil Hellmuth Jr.

Dave Hester seen on Storage Wars

During the Season 2 special “Unlocked: Sell High Part 2”, the cast returns to the abandoned Sahara Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada to dig through the rubble for priceless finds. As the cast compare who’s made the most money over the season and who used the best economic strategy, professional poker player Phil Hellmuth Jr. appears at random and adds little to the process.

Known as the irascible bad boy of professional poker, the highly decorated Hellmuth Jr. sits down at the table with Jarrod, Brandi and the others trying to uncover their stories, which really doesn’t make sense. Beyond the unnecessary gimmick of Hellmuth’s cast, what’s really questionable is how his bad boy character was completely stripped down for this appearance, making him far too innocuous to remember.

9 Brad whitford

Brad Whitford holds a guitar on Storage Wars

Another odd choice for a guest star came the Storage wars season 2 premiere when Barry bought a musician’s locker full of crazy items and discovered a Bob Marley poster, old picks and vintage guitars. But rather than entrusting the objects to a professional appraiser, a random call to a near-famous rock-n-roller ensues.

Cue Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford, whom Barry visits so he can assess the value of the newly found guitars. However, Brad doesn’t really show any expertise on the value of guitars and instead takes the opportunity to jam with them in a carefree manner.


8 Charles Phoenix

Barry and Charles search a Storage Wars locker

One of the funniest finds in any locker on Storage wars is also one of the most inspiring. In the second episode of Season 4, celebrity chef and historical comedian Charles Phoenix was asked to assess the purchase of Barry’s double locker.

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After digging through the finds, the only item of any value was a ridiculous bunny costume Charles had put on for viewers’ entertainment. The episode subsequently derailed. Even Charles knows how silly the guest spot was, reliving the humiliating moment on Instagram seven years later.

seven Stewart copeland

Stweart Copeland plays drums on stage

Season 2 Episode 21 Storage wars presents one of the most venal guest spots of all time. Barry buys a Ludwig drum kit for $ 1,500, hoping to sell it for a profit. He enlists acclaimed film composer and former member of The Police Stewart Copeland, who is only willing to pay $ 40 for one of the cymbals.

Rather than suffer a marginal loss, Barry insisted that Copeland sign the battery to increase his value so he could make an even bigger profit in the future. It could be a smart business move if someone involved needed the cash, but it’s an unnecessary guest task on every level.

6 Fabio Viviani

Barry and Fabiano side by side in the kitchen on Storage Wars

In one of the most blatant and ineffective cameos of Storage wars story, chef around the world Fabio Viviani was sort of forced into a cameo appearance in episode 7 of season 3. There to essentially help Barry cook his competition, Fabio is far too passive and is reduced to giving. some backstage cooking tips in the background and nothing else.

For such a charming and famous chef who appeared on Top Chef, Rachel Ray, Selena + Chef, and many others, the abbreviated quest location on Storage wars looks like a disrespectful slap in the face. No wonder why only appeared on the show once.

5 Roddy piper

Roddy Piper's kilt appears at bar on Storage Wars

Despite the excitement induced among fans who grew up watching pro wrestling, the brief appearance of the late great Roddy “Rowdy” Piper in Episode 12 of Season 4 left a lot to be desired.

The episode took place in Torrance, California, where Barry purchased a mysterious-looking locker based solely on his appearance. As he sits in a bar with his two angels, Barry is suddenly greeted with a bagpipe serenade by Roddy Piper, who walks in with his trademark Scottish kilt and gives a sleepy lecture on the history of the kilt. What this has to do with the storage Barry found is anyone’s guess.

4 Priss

The Taken group appears on Storage Wars

During Season 5, Episode 12 of Storage wars, brothers Brandon and Darrell Sheets went to great lengths to get their precious KISS masks valued in the hopes of selling them at a premium price. However, when they showed up to have their masks examined, they were suddenly encountered by Priss, a female cover group from KISS.

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“They are girls!” Brandon uttered after being completely blinded by the musical performance on stage. Beyond the questionable nature of Priss having knowledge of the masks’ value ($ 150 for all four), jaws drop when Brandon and Darell put on the masks and play with Priss.

3 Kenny Wayne Berger

Kenny Wayne Shpeherd plays guitar on stage

Blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s brief stint on Episode 17 of Season 6 of the Overly Long Reality Show was another whimsical guest musician spot that left a lot to be desired on the show. Recruited to assess the value of guitar pedals found in a locker in Mission Hills, Calif., Shepherd appeared ill-prepared for the limelight.

Whether Shepherd was cast as a nod to his stepfather Mel Gibson or for his true knowledge of guitar pedals, the guest spot was so underwhelming and head-scratching that Darrell had to save the whole scene by stepping into a ridiculous electric tune -solo guitar.

2 Greg franklin

Greg Franklin appears on Storage Wars

In a guest spot that ultimately morphed into a painfully awkward loving laugh, professional host Greg Franklin’s time on the show was fun at best and highly questionable at worst. Mary finds an old touchscreen computer animator and brings it to Franklin for evaluation.

After powering up the machine, Frankling begins to doodle a cartoonish image of Mary, who begins to describe her range of rhyming greeting cards, citing one that says “I do what I want when I want, now shut up. you and give me a croissant. ” After laughing out loud, Franklin draws a crescent next to the likeness of Mary. What the hell?!

1 Robert alleva

Robert and Ivy Hold Snake Sticks on Storage Wars

In one of the most dangerous places imaginable, Ivy Calvin finds a snake hunting kit in one of the lockers. To assess the kit’s value, Ivy enlists the help of snake expert Robert Alleva, who goes way too far to prove just how worthless the kit ultimately is.

Rather than just assessing items upon arrival, Robert takes the hunt for Ivy’s snake and puts it in the direct path of a poisonous rattlesnake, causing Ivy to panic and complain about the short stature. of the snake. Afterward, Robert embarks on a comprehensive history lesson on the rattlesnake as if it were a National geography episode. The most curious thing? All that endangering for just $ 200.

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