12 cube storage options that will keep you totally organized


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When you have stuff it can seem like there is no end to it, especially if you are trying to keep things organized while looking pretty. Maybe you’re a craftsman with lots of yarn or Cricut supplies, or you’re a parent trying not to drown in a sea of ​​Legos and stuffed animals. Either way, let’s be honest, the large plastic storage bins in the middle of your living room don’t look very good.

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This is where the storage of cubes comes in. Large or small, this geometric shelving unit is known for its versatile, symmetrical grid-like construction of side-by-side and top-to-bottom cube cutouts. Each cube functions as a locker for certain items, like crafts or books, while others can display photos or be filled with baskets or bins. Cube storage isn’t just useful, it’s a great look for any room in your home.

If cube storage sounds like something that will tidy up your chaos, here are 12 shopping options we can’t live without.

1. Classic cube storage

This classic option is practical and can be used in almost any room.

This 2 by 3 cube bookcase is a more durable version of the cubes you probably bought for your kids’ playroom or your own dorm room. This bookcase can hold much more than books and can be arranged vertically or horizontally, as well as be combined with other cubic units.

You can also place baskets or bins in some or all of the cubes to add pattern or dimension, not to mention extra storage, to the bookcase. This Wayfair unit is available in four shades: White, Weathered Gray, Dark Chestnut and Black Walnut.

Get the Cube Library at Wayfair for $ 137.99

2. Cubic storage meets mid-century modern vibe

Display your best things with this Better Homes & Gardens cube organizer.

This long shelf has eight large cubes – 2 at the top by 4 at the bottom – and four slender metal legs that reviewers love, saying they “change the whole look” and make the shelf much more sturdy.

It’s a great option for displaying toys, books, movies, or for storing game systems and a TV.

Each cubic shelf can hold up to 30 pounds and you can choose from four neutral shades that will coordinate with any color: Espresso, Rustic Gray, Vintage Walnut, and White.

Get the Better Homes & Gardens Cube Organizer at Walmart for $ 99

3. An ideal system for garages

Remix this cube storage option as desired.

Wire storage systems can be useful for many purposes, but they work especially well for dirtier items, like those you might find in a storage shed or garage. You can store off-season boots and clothing, tools, sports equipment, and items you don’t use every week in this storage unit.

The best feature is that you can see all of your items, so even if you fill each cube, you can still access your items when you need them.

Get the C&A Home Wire Cube Storage Organizer at Amazon for $ 51.51

4. Industrial style near the bed or sofa

This minimalist storage option is sleek and sophisticated.

Small but powerful, this two cube shelving unit can be placed next to a sofa in a den or next to your bedside. Crafted from industrial gunmetal or gold mesh, this lightweight and compact piece adds a bit of style and pattern to any room, while still being durable and easy on the eye to see what you’ve got. The two open shelves are ideal for items that you reach regularly. You can use this stand as a side table, bedside table, pantry shelf, towel rack, etc.

Get the 2-story Sift Tower at CB2 for $ 89.95

5. Just the right size for the nursery

Your child will love displaying their books and toys to all of their playmates.

While this 6 cube bookcase is designed for a nursery or nursery, you don’t have to limit yourself to that. If you are using the shelves in a kid’s room, you can install baskets in each locker to hide less pleasant messes, like piles of Lego or piles of onesies. It’s easy to convert into a shelf, toy rack, or clothing storage, but cubic spaces also provide individual display locations perfect for photos, pottery, or fresh flowers.

Get the Cubby Horizontal Bookcase at Pottery Barn Kids for $ 399

6. Storage cubes that you can move and fold

This simple storage option is easy to store.

I swear by the foldable storage cubes. You can store sweaters and scarves in a closet, food in a communal pantry, tools in the trunk of a car, gifts when you get home for the holidays, and for random items like cords and shippers who don’t have a home otherwise.

They collapse into a flat square, which makes them nice and easy to store when not in use, and the only downside is that you can’t stack them well. But, they certainly give a more organized look to a closet lined up side by side.

Get the Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes, Set of 6, on Amazon for $ 19.99

7. A step towards better storage

This staircase-inspired cubic storage option is fun for any room.

Instead of looking like a standard square or rectangular cabinet, this cubic storage shelf looks like a staircase, starting with two lockers, then three, then four. It includes five open lockers, two drawers, and three cabinets with closed doors, making it ideal for media rooms, craft areas, or for those with a variety of storage needs.

This storage unit is larger and protrudes from the wall, but offers plenty of room to keep less aesthetic items out of sight.

Get the Jaymarie Step Library at Wayfair for $ 329

8. Single and ready to mingle

Personalize these sturdy cubes.

If you are a vinyl record collector, you will know that most record storage systems are built using cubes, as its shape makes displaying large collections of square records easy and accessible. This simple cubic shelf can store a budding vinyl collection and house a record player on top, or it can serve an entirely different purpose: a nightstand, a side table in a living room, a place to store shoes and keys in the entrance. I could also see it functioning as a comfortable hideaway for a four-legged friend!

Get the Bellwood stackable cube at Wayfair for $ 51.99

9. Short and sturdy storage

This stackable bookcase can be used alone or in a trio for additional storage space.

You can use this solid wood 3 cube storage unit as a TV console or bench, the possibilities are endless. You can also buy multiple units to stack to create a larger unit and you can add sliding doors for closed storage.

This shelving unit combines clean lines with warm wood. Each shelf can hold up to 40 books of toys, books and other unwanted items.

Get the District Wood Stackable Bookcase at Crate & Barrel for $ 229

10. Cubes that you can see through

The Container Store is known for its endless storage options.

While the material and durability of the cube’s storage structure matters a lot, so does that of the cube itself. These clear PVC boxes allow for clear storage, ideal for pantries where you want to see what you have in order to take inventory and pack the right lunch. The bottom of each cube is reinforced and the handles are part of the design, so you can remove them from the shelf to easily get what you need.

Get the Clear Lookers Cubes at the Container Store for $ 17.99

11. Rattan says style matters

H&M manufactures stylish clothing and home items.

Rattan furniture has had a while. This simple and unique rattan cube has a lofty style that makes it look like a chic decision and not just a storage solution. Use one as a transition bin where an item that doesn’t have a home once it’s used, like a blanket, finds a temporary place to call home before it’s actually washed or put away.

Use this bin for linens, board games or recycling to keep style at the forefront of your aesthetic.

Get the Rattan Storage Basket at H&M for $ 49.99

12. Cubic storage that gives power to negative space

This simple storage option can only hold the best of the best.

This tall, slim and minimal white shelving unit blends into a room’s background, allowing your items to stand out. You can change its focus each season: sometimes displaying bulky sweaters and manuals, and sometimes plant pots and Polaroids.

Not to mention, it makes an epic display for your five favorite pairs of shoes, if you can afford the space.

Get the Carley Narrow 5 Tier Storage Rack at Urban Outfitters for $ 79

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