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Ribbon storage ideas are a simple way to keep craft materials organized so your craft room is a clutter-free and motivating space.

Perfect for use in Christmas decoration ideas or as trimmings for cushions and curtains, ribbons are a wonderful way to add sparkle to decorative and creative projects. However, if you’re a keen crafter, you’ll know that ribbons can get tangled so easily when not stored properly, and it can take a long time to roll them all up into neat spools.

To help you get your diy room ideas In order, we’ve rounded up a range of practical tape storage ideas, from wall-mounted solutions to handy tape storage box dispensers.

Ribbon Storage Ideas

If you are looking for ways to organize a craft room Where sewing roomthen these ribbon storage ideas are a practical addition, from inspiring display and storage ideas to clever solutions for buying online.

Try a Hanging Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon hanger

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Not only do hanging and wall mounted tape holders keep surfaces clear, they allow you to easily see what you have and are also a great way to display beautiful tapes. They are ideal for storing floristry tape or curling tape, but they can also be used for washi tape and garden twine if you are looking for brainstorm organization ideas.

Tape dispensers

Tape dispenser

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Ribbon dispensers are a wonderful addition to any craft room or wrapping station as they keep ribbons tidy and organized, but also make it easier to cut ribbons. Able to store up to six spools of tape, this white cardboard tape dispenser box from A place for everything (opens in a new tab) makes wrapping gifts and craft projects a breeze while keeping your craft room clutter-free.

Ribbon reels and cards

Silk ribbon stored on wooden spools

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If you plan to store your tape in a box or drawer, it’s a good idea to wrap them around a spool or trim card to keep them neat and tidy.

Store the ribbons in pretty boxes or boxes

Ribbons stored in a box

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Silk, velvet and vintage ribbons are a wonderful way to bring color and character to festive decorating and can make beautiful Christmas Tree Ribbon Ideas and crown ribbon ideas.

However, they can be fragile and prone to fading, especially if hand-dyed, so it’s best to store these types of ribbons in boxes or drawers away from direct sunlight. There are many attractive paper-lined cardboard storage boxes that will look attractive on open shelves, or if you like decorate with vintage you can also use vintage boxes as storage ideas.

How to store a lot of tape?

If you have a lot of tape, consider storing it in a tiered wall-mounted tape organizer that allows you to display spools of tape along multiple pegs. Not only do these vertical systems keep tapes in one place, they keep tapes from cluttering surfaces and make them easy to see and access for cutting. Using a ribbon organizer means you can then group the ribbons in color order, which can be a visually pleasing feature.

Alternatively, you can try wrapping ribbons around individual cards and storing them neatly in a drawer side up in a filing type system so you can easily see and retrieve which color or style you have. need. However, this may not be effective with long lengths of ribbon as the cards may become too bulky.

How do you organize a tape drawer?

To store the ribbons in a print, consider wrapping the ribbons around the card trimmings and filing them so that the color of the ribbon is visible, this will save space and make it easy to see and find what which you need.

You can also invest in a drawer organizer with a series of compartments. This will allow you to organize your spools or spools of ribbon into categories, for example by material or color.


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