12 weed storage solutions for every type of smoker



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There is no such thing as a “best” weed storage setup as there are many types of smokers. There are those who everyone knows where the grass is when they walk through the door and those who prefer to keep things more low-key. There are those who have to make sure that prying hands don’t accidentally open a hideout, those who smoke their broth in a week and those who take their time. Whatever type of storage you are looking for, we believe that at least one of the following weed storage solutions will do. These are some of the best storage boxes you can buy.

Capsule storage jar

Simple, efficient, affordable. Borosilicate glass jars with a food grade silicone stopper are proven storage places. These are airtight and hold up to a pint.

Tetra airtight storage jars

Tetra’s accessory inventory is generally design and performance driven, and this simple, affordable storage jar fits that bill perfectly. Completely airtight and odor-tight, it is made of dishwasher-safe ultraviolet glass. Available for travel, small and large.

Lightweight Pebble Orb Container + Ladder

Designed by Brooklyn Ceramic Studio Light + Ladder and handcrafted in Portugal, the Galet is a small (but not too small) hidden sphere with a matte finish.

Jonathan Adler Vice Weed Container

A simple and playful storage canister from Jonathan Adler, one of the biggest names in American pottery and interior design. Ideal for small batches and people who don’t mind letting visitors know what’s in the jar.

Green Goddess Wooden Storage Box

A fairly classic hiding place by all accounts. This one is made of pine, comes with a number of storage holes inside, and there is a removable bearing jig included inside.

Fellow Atmos Empty Canister

From his famous pouring kettle to those unpretentious storage jars, Fellow’s coffee equipment is top-notch. With just a few turns of the lid, its Atmos container removes all the oxygen from the inner chamber, leaving you with a perfect storage area for beans and buds.

Staze vacuum pot

If anyone sees this in public, they’ll probably think it’s a fancy water bottle. They wouldn’t know it’s hiding your wettest weed. It has a carbon filter to absorb odors and you can use the built-in vacuum pump to suck in the air to increase freshness.

Mister Green Toolbox

In case you haven’t met him on the internet yet, Mister Green is one of America’s best head shops. The Los Angeles brand and showcase is home to a lot of designer stoner gear, and its simple toolbox makes it a nifty home for lighters, vapes, one hitters, pipes, and all the little weed cartridges.

Old Pal Ceramic Storage Jar

Made by Sister Ceramics for Old Pal, these stoneware pots are as pretty as they are functional. These jars are handcrafted and smell like the lifestyle of a mature stoner.

Humble ceramic pot

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, a simple ceramic canister does a great job of weed storage, especially if you want to keep it on a counter or in a high traffic area of ​​your home.

Stori smart cannabis storage

The Stori Weed Storage System is more than a storage box. The kid-proof box comes with color-coded airtight cans for different strains as well as tubes designed specifically to keep joints as fresh as possible. There’s even an app that helps you track your tastes and preferences when you smoke in your batch.

Marley Natural Storage Box

This post box from Marley Natural is essentially a luxurious version of a pretty classic storage box. Instead of using pine or bamboo like most wood weed storage does, this one is made of black walnut (like a lot of mid-century modern furniture) and the top slides out and acts as a wheeled tray.

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