15 Jewelry Boxes and Organizers Under $30 for Tangle-Free Storage


Maybe you’re looking for a gift, trying to organize everything in your own home…or maybe you just found out the hard way that no one has time to untangle jumbled necklaces. (Seriously, how do the jewels get so hopelessly intertwined when you haven’t even touched them?!) Whatever the reason, you can find a good, relatively inexpensive solution here. The 15 jewelry boxes and other jewelry organizers on this list have a variety of different designs but one thing in common: they all cost less than $30 and are available on Amazon.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect jewelry storage solution for some time, you understand that this type of organization comes in many forms, many shapes and styles. There are classic fixed boxes and travel options. There are jewelry boxes with vintage charm and sleek organizers that suit a more modern aesthetic. There are even jewelry trees and shelves. This list of jewelry boxes and organizers represents some of the top-rated, top-rated, and most-loved choices in each category.

So here’s to never having to spend the evening operating on two necklace chains again.

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A basic box with a removable shelf

With a removable tray and 27 different storage spaces (from necklace hooks and earring boxes to a large storage pouch), this box can hold a lot. Reviewers note that it’s good for adults, but also a great gift for kids who are just starting their jewelry collections.

Useful review: “My 9-year-old granddaughter chose the color. Very faithful to the photo. She likes it. The price is low enough not to worry. He teaches her to protect her trinkets by having a special place to protect them. I bought one for myself too.


Another popular 2 coat option

With two trays and dedicated space for earrings, necklaces, rings, and more, this box will help you organize everything in an attractive way. You can choose from 12 colors, ranging from understated chic (Apricot) to punchy and vibrant (Lake Blue).

Useful review: “This is a great jewelry box with a few layers. Fits a substantial amount of jewelry with compartments for each type. Such a great buy I’ve gifted it twice so far.


A smaller box ideal for travel

If you have a more minimalist collection – or just need to take a few things with you – this smaller, velvety box is a good choice. It has a mirror built into the top and zippers to keep all those little treasures from falling into your bag.

Helpful notice: “So far I’m IN LOVE. I’ve tried several methods for transporting jewelry, some of which I will use again for larger bracelets, but this tiny little box is beautiful, looks great on the counter, and surprisingly holds a lot. It will make traveling with my delicate necklaces and rings so much easier than ever before. Plus, that’s really the kind of item you’re offering. It’s so pretty, the color is amazing and at an unbeatable price.


A transparent box for when you want your collection on display

I want to be able to see in your jewelry box? No problem. This box’s three drawers, all with different storage configurations, can be pulled out and stored in any order. And since the exterior is waterproof, you can also keep it in the bathroom.

Useful review: “I had been looking for the perfect jewelry organizer for a while, and when I saw it once, I knew it would be perfect for my needs. It really is! Sturdy, beautiful and fits a lot You won’t regret ordering!


A lovely vintage-inspired box

This isn’t the kind of box you buy just to slip into the top drawer of your dresser! With its colorful design, it’s too cute not to display. Although small (it only has three compartments and measures 5.1 x 3.7 x 2.2″), it’s exactly the kind of thing that could fill your child with joy – so keep it safe. spirit as a gift for young people too.

Useful review: “I loved the design of this metal jewelry box. Exactly as I expected. Was well packaged and very cute! Love it. Would definitely recommend.


A bigger box with lots of stuff inside

When closed, it looks like a fairly basic synthetic leather box. But inside you will find pockets, necklace holders, a mirror, two drawers and a top tray. It even comes with a small matching travel case, with three compartments and another mirror.

Useful review: « Very good quality and ideal for travel or dorms. I bought one 3 years ago and just bought another for my other daughter. It holds a ton of jewelry and is really soft on the inside. Highly recommend!”


A standing case with a display window

This box provides a literal window into your collection, whether you want others to see your glistening items or just want to admire them yourself. The faux leather exterior has a pattern and behind the large clear glass front are two vertical drawers that you can turn on and off depending on what you want to display. There is also a regular drawer at the bottom with two larger sections.

Helpful notice: “My daughter loves the space she has for rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc…good buy. I think I’m going to buy another one.


A minimalist jewelry tree

With three tiers and a total height of over a foot, this hanging organizer is ideal for storing a variety of necklaces. You can also use the small tray at the base for a few rings or earrings. Since the design is simple, it won’t look too out of place in most bedrooms or bathrooms either.

Useful review: “First of all, this jewelry stand is beautiful! I didn’t expect it to be so tall, but I’m very happy with my purchase. It can hold a ton, you can put necklaces, bracelets, hair ties, etc. At the bottom it has earrings and rings; it’s perfect.”


A more decorative jewelry tree

If you like the idea of ​​a standing jewelry hanger but want something a little more ornate, try this shorter but more tree-like version.

Useful review: “I love this little necklace/ring holder! Not only functional and sturdy, but very cute and aesthetically pleasing. Holds quite a few necklaces too!


An inexpensive but cool case

It’s only $9.99 ($12.99 in select colors), but this plastic jewelry case has a distinctive look, with trays you can move around in different configurations (or just stack vertically if you don’t want to). see inside). It’s small – under four inches – but good for storing a few items at a time.

Useful review: “This is honestly a super simple jewelry holder. I’ve been looking for something for a while to organize my earrings, and I found this. It’s nothing fancy, it’s plastic but it looks neat and you can’t beat the price!


A fold-out pouch-style organizer

This pretty little travel bag has three compartments and closes with pressure. It can’t hold a ton, but it’s perfect for throwing in your purse or suitcase. Plus, it’s the perfect jewelry storage option for those who prefer to conceal their expensive items and trinkets discreetly.

Useful review: “It’s so much more expensive than it is!” It’s so cute and opens/closes very easily. I’ve used it on a few trips and love how it keeps things so organized and protected. Good product!”


A 2-piece set that you can hang on your wall

When you really want to step out of the jewelry box… hang your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on the walls with these shelf/jewelry rack combos available in four different colors.

Useful review: “Very easy to put together and seems sturdy enough! I have little to no skill in building things, but it wasn’t difficult at all. Holds a lot and is aesthetically pleasing”


A classic shelf/hanging station

Same Idea, Slightly Different Design: This shelf has two rows of hooks (30 total) for your jewelry storage needs. You can mount it with hardware or self-adhesive strips.

Useful review: “I needed something really sturdy and nice to hold my long necklaces that my wardrobe wouldn’t hold. This item is the perfect solution! I’m very happy with this item.”


A hanging organizer with over 22,800 reviews

This double-sided jewelry hanger has 80 different storage windows. If you have a sizable collection and care less about looks and more about keeping things tangle free, this is a great buy.

Useful review: “I love this jewelry holder. I don’t use it for travel, but it would be great. I have it hanging in my closet with earrings, rings and bracelets. It’s so easy to see all your jewelry at once. I’m going to buy this for someone as a Christmas present! Highly recommend!”


A storage solution inspired by the honeycomb

This lightweight wooden wall hanging has 130 earring holes and is easy to hang anywhere – so ideal for dorms or rental apartments where you might not want to dirty the walls.

Useful review: “I was looking for something to hold some earrings, and everything out there is so boring or bulky. This was perfect! Trendy, different, and super cute!”

The good news about a sudden enthusiasm for organizing your jewelry is that, most likely, your sparkling collection is less expansive and easier to sort than your entire closet or pantry. So choose one of these jewelry boxes or organizers and you’ll soon be admiring your work. Of course, these also make great gifts for people who love jewelry…or are just very neat.


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