21 best storage jars to organize your kitchen


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If you find kitchen organization tricky, you need storage jars in your life. That cupboard overflowing with half-opened supermarket packages and the chaotic spice collection? Trust us when we say they don’t help your stress levels.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed every time you open cupboard doors and drawers, you might breathe a sigh of satisfaction at rows of neatly stacked jars and bins. These airtight containers are the most aesthetic way to present dry foods and extend their shelf life. This will keep all your snacks fresh longer and reduce kitchen waste.

You do not know where to start ? We have selected all the best storage jars from longline options for spaghetti to mini pots ideal for spices and herbs so you can say goodbye to messy closets and hello to your perfect new pantry for Pinterest.

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Storage jars: the best rustic look

Medium stoneware storage jar

Le Creuset

£ 30.00

Store your fresh coffee in this pretty stoneware pot from iconic kitchenwear brand Le Creuset. The volcanic colourway will brighten up any open shelving you have. This design is also stackable, which will help you use your space and keep things tidy.

H12.2 cm x W 9.9 cm
How many in a set?
Sold separately

Storage jars: Best color

Set of 2 storage jars

Colorful glassware was huge in 2021 and we believe the trend is here to stay. Store the pasta in the large jar and the rice or legumes in the smallest. Make sure you keep them in sight – they’re too pretty to be hidden.

If you like this retro style, an orange option is also available.

Cut: H19cm x L10cm

How many in a set? 2

Dishwasher? No.

Storage jars: best model

Louma storage jars

The Redoubt
The Redoubt

£ 50.00

Here is a practical option and attractive. Not only will this flowerpot look great on your counter, the airtight lid will keep food fresh for longer.

Cut: There are two different sizes in this set; H13cm x D9.5cm; H16.5 cm x D9.5 cm.

How many in a set? 2

Dishwasher? Yes, but remove the cover first.

Storage jars: Ideal for spices

Mini Glass Storage Jars

For those with an impressive stash of spices, this set is for you. It comes with 24 reusable labels and chalk, so you’ll never mix ground cilantro and cumin again.

Cut: H8cm x W5cm x P5cm

How many in a set? 12

Storage jars: Ideal for tea and coffee

Black bread boxes

Emma Bridgewater

£ 30.00

We love this set of tea, coffee and sugar tins from Emma Bridgewater’s Black Toast line. We think they would look super smart with the matching toaster and cookie barrel.

Cut: H15cm x P10.5cm

How many in a set? 3

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: ideal for spring

Flower boxes

Emma Bridgewater

£ 30.00

Another choice from Emma Bridgewater – this time with a cute floral design. For EB fans, there are plenty of other storage options available, including boxes of spaghetti and barrels of cookies.

Cut: H15cm x P10.5cm

How many in a set? 3

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: best iconic brand

Ceramic storage jar


£ 11.40

The popular brand Kilner has a huge range of storage jars, but we especially like this ceramic option. Take a few for your tea and coffee collection and use another, without a cover, for your utensils.

Cut: H15cm x W9.8cm x D9.8cm

How many in a set? Sold separately.

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: the best for the organization

Spice jars with board

Craftsmen Street

USD 51.99

If you’re struggling to find your most used spices in the cupboard, this wooden storage board can help. This will make them easily accessible on the counter and look great too.

How many in a set? 6

storage jars: the best contemporary look

Dimensions of storage containers

Morphy Richards

£ 37.99

We love these glossy Morphy Richards tea and coffee tins, perfect for anyone with a modern kitchen interior. All fans of this look should check out the matching toaster.

Cut: H18.7 cm x W13.5 cm x D10.5 cm

How many in a set? 3

storage jars: best shape

Diamond storage jar

Rockett st george

US $ 13.00

These diamond cut glass jars are really unusual, so show them off on your shelves, rather than putting them away in a cupboard. We used them to preserve citrus fruits or as a jar of candy.

Cut: There are four size options; H26cm x D16cm; H22cm x D16cm; H17.5 cm x D16 cm; H13.5 x P16cm.

How many in a set? 4, or sold individually.

storage jars: Best minimalist design

ProCook Round Glass Storage Jar Set of 3 Large


£ 23.00

ProCook’s glass jars can hold a full liter, so use them for your flour or pasta bags. With its clean and minimalist design, this set will suit any worktop or adapt perfectly to your cupboards.

Cut: H18cm x L10.5cm

How many in a set? 3

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: ideal for treats

Large Vintage Candy Jar


£ 10.00

All sweets lovers will love this retro candy jar. Fill it to the brim with your favorite treats, such as mixes or candies, like a throwback to traditional candy stores.

There is also a smaller option, if you prefer.

Cut: H20.5 cm x L17 cm

How many in a set? Sold separately.

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: Ideal for personalization

Custom storage jars

The Oak & Rope Company

US $ 70.89

You can personalize these funny storage jars with whatever you want, so we suggest you add the names of your loved ones. We’re sure kids will love having their own special containers for their favorite cereal or cookies.

Cut: There are four sizes available, containing 0.95 liter; 1.42 liter; 1.89 liters; 2.36 liters.

How many in a set? Sold separately.

Dishwasher? Hand washing.

storage jars: best assembled set

Clip-on glass storage jars

House & White

£ 19.99

These airtight glass jars are perfect for storing your cupboards. Ten reusable stickers and a pen are also provided, so you won’t have a problem distinguishing self-rising flour from regular flour.

Cut: There are five different sizes in this set – 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1500ml and 2200ml.

How many in a set? 5

storage jars: Ideal for pantries

Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 24 Piece, Kitchen and Pantry Organization, BPA Free, Plastic Cans with Durable Lids, Great for Grains, Flour, and Sugar – Set of Labels, Markers and spoons

Chef’s Path

£ 59.97

If rummaging through cupboards overflowing with packets of rice, pasta and half-opened lentils is now part of your daily routine, this 24-piece pack should make your life easier. The containers stack neatly on top of each other and come with reusable labels and a set of measuring spoons.

Cut: There are four different sizes in this set – 2.8 liter, 2 liter, 1.4 liter and 0.8 liter

How many in a set? 24 pieces; 6 extra-large containers; 6 large containers; 6 medium containers; and 6 small containers

Dishwasher? Yes

Storage jars: the best retro style

Food preservation boxes


£ 10.00

Step back to the ’80s with the fun (and very reasonably priced) storage set from Habitat. Use it to keep your tea and coffee tidy, or we’re tempted to use one for our beauty brushes. A matching apron, tea towel and oven mit set are also available.

Cut: H17cm x L10cm x P10cm

How many in a set? 3

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: best overall

8 piece kitchen storage set

Home Argos

£ 16.75

If you like the vintage look, this will help you organize your kitchen while keeping everything tidy. At under £ 20, this is also great value for money.

Cut: Bread basket, H33cm x W21cm x D22cm; biscuit box, H13.5cm x W11.5cm x D11.5cm; cans, H12.5cm x W10cm x P10cm.

How many in a set? 8 pieces; bread basket, cookie box, 3 cans, utensil holder, butter dish and toaster.

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: better design

Storage jars

Eleanor Bowmer

£ 19.95

This gorgeous set is perfect if you love a bold, quirky aesthetic. Eleanor Bowmer’s cheerful line is available from John Lewis (and yes, we want it all).

Cut: There are three different sizes in this set – H27cm x D13.5cm, H20cm x D10.8cm, H14cm x D8.9cm

How many in a set? 3

Dishwasher? No.

storage jars: Ideal for preserves

Strawberry jam jar

Decant your homemade jams (strawberry, of course) in this fun Kilner Jar. There is also a very cute orange version.

Cut: Contains 400 ml.

How many in a set? Sold separately.

Dishwasher? Yes.

storage jars: ideal for stacking

Signature storage jar set, 6 piece set

This Robert Welch kit is definitely more expensive, but there’s a lot to like. These jars (very stylish, we might add) are stackable, shatterproof, and have silicone airtight lids to keep food fresh. They come with a 25 year warranty so they are definitely worth the investment.

Cut: There are three different sizes in this set – 2.5 liter, 1 liter and 600ml.

How many in a set? 6 pieces; 1 large pot, 2 medium pots and 3 small pots.

storage jars: best value for money

Shaded rainbow cans


£ 6.39

This rainbow trio is sure to brighten up your countertop. They are also great value for money at just over five cents.

Cut: H14cm x L10cm xP10cm

How many in a set? 3

Dishwasher? No.

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