5 ideas to present the vintage collection in a sophisticated way, check out

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Vintage decorations add a sophisticated touch to your homes. There are quite a few people who choose to add a little vintage flair to their modern homes to liven up a place. Here are some ways to present your vintage collection in a vintage way.

1) Center piece:
The best way to show off your vintage collection is to turn them into centerpieces. It’s a fun way to pick up if you have a few small plants, vases, or bouquets that you want as a centerpiece. You can also put candles, birdcages, lanterns and other brass vessels as a centerpiece.

2) Framed pieces:
You can also hang your vintage objects as wall decorations by framing them! It’s an eye-catcher and uses your vertical spaces! It’s perfect for flat vintage objects like brooches, buttons or medals.

3) Tiny transparent display cases:
These tiny glass domes called bells or bells have become very popular. At the time they helped protect plants from the elements, later they ended up in museums where they housed specimens of flowers and insects. Now they are mostly used as decor on thumbnails where you can spot old photos or ceramic figurines.

4) Stack it up in style:
If you have something big like suitcases, you can always stack them in a corner in style. Stack them with different sizes and pair them with furniture of similar tones or leather furniture.

5) Luminous bottles:
Lighting does a great job of warming up a place and making it livelier. There are several ways to light up your home with vintage lights. You can use a simple mason jar, bulbs and wires and create a vintage chic chandelier.

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