5 storage solutions from ottoman beds to clothes rails – See the Swoon selection


It’s almost time to put away the bulky sweaters and diapers to make room for your summer wardrobe, but it’s never that easy, is it?

We might be ready to strut around in the summer with our shorts and sunglasses on, but where are we going to put all our winter clothes when the sun finally comes out?

And the next question, if we find a handy place to store our cozy clothes until the temperatures drop again, will we be able to access it easily when the summer weather turns typically…British?

Fortunately for us, the innovative online furniture brand Swoon is here to help us maximize our storage space for the summer.

Should you keep your heating low all day?

Ottoman beds

Swoon has the problem “I have to keep this one in case it gets colder” and not only that, he found us a simple solution.

the storage under the bed is ideal for easy access to warmer clothes that clutter your drawers and that you don’t wear every day.

On top of that, it’s a stylish way to maximize the space you have in your bedroom without having to invest in another closet or storage box.

You can shop all range of ottoman beds available through the Swoon website and you can discover his first choice below.

The Swoon Porlock King Ottoman Bed

The Swoon Porlock King pouf bed. 1 credit

You can rest easy on this Porlock King ottoman bed knowing you’ve made the right choice for your summer wardrobe.

With more than 50 colors available, this ottoman bed is a dream to add a touch of glamor to your bedroom.

It has an elegant padded headboard and when you lift the mattress you won’t run out of space underneath.

Add it to your cart for £1049 via the Swoon website.

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Storage chests

If you want to maximize space as well as style, invest in a multifunctional storage box is the only way forward.

We all want to store our prized possessions, from clothes to accessories, in a safe place, but we don’t want to sacrifice necessary space.

“For transitional clothing, you might not want to put it away completely in case an occasion arises that calls for a raincoat or wellies,” said Sam Baldry, design manager at Swoon.

Mr. Baldry added: “For those delicate items, a storage chest is the perfect solution. Sleek, multifunctional and sophisticated – wooden storage boxes are an ideal addition to any room that requires additional storage.”

You can shop Range of Swoon storage chests through the Swoon website or discover his first choice below.

Oxford Mail: Mosby storage box.  1 creditMosby storage box. 1 credit

Swoon Mosby Storage Box is an elegant piece of furniture that will enhance any interior.

In addition to that, the 1920s inspired double opening table top works as a fashionable side table and a sophisticated space to store winter clothes you’re not ready to put away.

The two-way opening tray features contrasting grain patterns and is made one at a time, making your storage box completely unique.

Take it home for £399 through the Swoon website.

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Clothes rails

If you’re a trendsetter and aren’t afraid to show it off, a clothes rail might just be the storage solution you’ve been looking for.

An exposed clothes rail means you can make a statement with your clothes above your home decor.

Bring a little boutique magic into your room with one of the great options available through the Swoon website or shop his top pick below.


Oxford Mail: Antwerp.  1 creditAntwerp. 1 credit

Smart storage is about doing more with less and Antwerp might have won the game.

Swoon’s three-in-one storage solution encompasses a wardrobe, a clothes rail and a shelf in one modern and elegant stroke.

“Incorporating a clothes rail into your bedroom space is a great way to maintain an industrial vibe throughout your abode. Incorporating exposed storage and choosing a piece with a blackened steel frame can easily create a minimalist and practical design to store your extra clothes in style,” said Mr. Baldry.

The versatile piece combines fashion with storage substance, all for £499 via the Swoon website.


Invest in your indoor space this spring with a few elegant chest of drawers and make room for your summer wardrobe.

Stow away all of your chunky knits, hats and scarves that you won’t need until the end of the year and don’t take up valuable wardrobe space.

There is also a lot of choices to help you take your room to the next level via the Swoon website.

Chest of drawers Southwark

Oxford Mail: Southwark chest of drawers in a Swoon style bedroom.  1 creditSouthwark chest of drawers in a Swoon style bedroom. 1 credit

Swoon‘s Head of Design recommends the superb Chest of drawers Southwark and we’re a little obsessed.

Mr Baldry explained his choice, saying: “For a modest appearance offering refined beauty, I would opt for the mid-century inspiration Chest of drawers Southwark.”

He added: “The simple yet elegant tapered design will fit effortlessly into any interior style with its gray washed mango wood finish and delicately softened edge drawers. Yet the scoop-shaped handle and the top edges of the top will add bold depth and tactile character, subtly to the bedroom.”

the natural oak stained mango wood drawers could be yours for £349 via the Swoon website.


If space is less of a concern but you crave more storage for your clothes and living space, adding a sideboard might be your answer.

It may not have a lot of extra storage, but a buffet can make an impressive impression on your guests and just might be the perfect interior investment.

“I like the idea of ​​replacing a piece of furniture that doesn’t usually have a lot of extra storage, like a dressing table, with a sideboard. Using its top surface to store toiletries, make-up and a vanity mirror; and interior to store your winter clothes, you can create a truly versatile and space-saving piece of furniture,” says Sam Baldry.

He went on to say, “Plus, with so many charming designs available, you’re sure to discover an aesthetic that reflects your current interior. It’s sure to make a real statement in any dorm.

Discover the range of buffets through the Swoon website.

Raffia sideboard

Oxford Mail: Raffia Sideboard.  1 creditRaffia sideboard. 1 credit

Shake your room with this 1970s inspired storage option from Swoon.

The Raffia sideboard will bring a casual vintage vibe to your perfect space for evening and weekend lounging.

In addition to that, the stylish buffet comes with a modern twist to help you maximize space, including a large interior and adjustable shelves.

Make it yours for £699 via the Swoon website.


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