A built-in storage unit turns this lantern into a treasure box to store your keepsakes


Lightray is a luminaire with an integrated storage unit inspired by a treasure box.

Bedside appliances combine sentimentality and functionality. Most often used just before bedtime, our desk lamps, charging stations and stationery storage boxes usually retain simple operating mechanisms so our sleeping brains don’t have to strain too much. They are also usually charming enough in design that our bedroom spaces are in tune with our personality and the design styles we value the most. Inspired by a treasure box, Kil Jeongyeon designed Lightray, a simple lantern-style fixture with a built-in tray table for storing sentimental keepsakes like photographs and jewelry.

Designate: Kil Jeong-yeon

Intended to remind us of what we hold most dear, Lightray merges the practicality of a light fixture with the nostalgia of a chest. Constructed as a simple lantern, the cordless fixture is defined by a ribbed glass envelope, which accommodates the fixture’s lighting fixture. Inside, the light is warm like that given off by vintage-style 40W bulbs, and the ribbed glass helps to dim it further, making it an ideal nightlight for people of all ages. Jeongyeon designed Lightray so that even when things look dark, our most precious memories always stay bright.

Jeongyeon explains, “Lightray is a light that has a plateau. It was designed taking inspiration from a treasure chest. Put on something you like or something always with you. Even on a dark night when you can’t see anything, they shine brightly. Even more than that, Lightray comes with non-slip rubber grips so our memories never fall out of place. A USB Type-C charging unit also enables overnight charging so Lightray can be a wireless portable lantern if needed.


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