A guide to vintage style



No matter what you call it – antiques, thrift stores, trash, pickup – the effect is the same: incorporating used sheet music is a great way to add interest and depth to today’s interiors. hui. Here, R • Home asks three stylish people from Richmond who love vintage shopping to show us what to look for and how to use these finds to express your style.


WHO: Diana mathews

OCCUPATION: Former owner of ERA Vintage, currently organizer at Minima

SHOPPING AT: West End Antiques Mall, 2004 Staples Mill Road

Your home should make you happy.

Over the years my style has evolved from a focus on mid-century to a more comprehensive collection, buying on instinct and touch. I look for high quality materials and construction, avoiding poorly made parts. Also, to avoid overloading my house, I look for rooms that are both functional and beautiful.


WHO: Richard Stone

OCCUPATION: Visual merchandiser and freelance stylist at Yves Delorme

SHOPPING AT: Eviction, 2943 W. Marshall St.

When saving, consider using an item for something other than its original purpose.

Interiors today are all about reusing found pieces in new ways. Not only are vintage pieces generally unique, but buying used decorations is more environmentally friendly. Knowing how to find a good find in a thrift store or vintage store is the key to creating a unique interior.


WHO: Kim Childs

OCCUPATION: Interior designer and vintage saleswoman

SHOP AT: Local online marketplaces such as Craigslist and eBay

My favorite piece to buy? The Ugly Duckling with Beautiful Bones: Make it yours and be the envy of all your guests!

With a growing design business and a toddler, buying local ads online is a must for me. I use vintage in almost all the spaces I design; it’s a conversation starter and a way to express your individuality. It’s interesting to discover the history of a piece, but I really like vintage because you are actively writing the next chapter in the life of that piece.

No more buying secrets

Buying second-hand items can be a great way to add furniture and character to your home without breaking the bank. Here, our experts share more local hot spots for buying vintage home goods.

DIANA MATHEWS recommends:

THRIFT SHOP: For a practical and spontaneous trip, I like Diversity savings (1407 Sherwood Avenue). Love of Jesus Thrift Store (5503 Midlothian Turnpike) is generally a pretty good bet, and if I have a little extra time I love to hit Regeneration Economy (11700 Jefferson Davis Highway) to Chester as well as the Chester Good will (12160 chemin du pont de fer).

OLD CENTER: You are sure to find something great for a good deal at Cold Harbor Antique Mall (8147 Mechanicsville Turnpike).

DAY TRIP: D&J Friperie Orange (266 Butler Place) is by far my favorite spot, although it’s a bit of a drive (just over an hour). A&W Collectibles (3714 Richmond Road) in Keswick is a bit closer and also very good.

RICHARD STONE recommends:

CONSIGNMENT STORES: For accessories, Shipments of goods (2724 Tinsley Drive) is a treasure trove of decorative accessories and tableware.

ANTIQUE STORE: Verve Furnishings (4903 W. Leigh St.) is one of my favorites. Owner Kim Vincze pioneered the glam 70s look of Richmond long before anyone here considered the decade chic again. His offerings cover all decorative periods from the 19th century to the present day. If you’re unsure of your personal style, take a trip to Verve to see how an array of styles can coexist.

ONE DAY EXCURSION: Charlottesville is my go-to place when I need inspiration outside of the city. About (1700, rue des Alliés), And Georges (3465 Ivy Road), Comer & Co. (2123 Ivy Road), Kenny Ball Antiques (2125 Ivy Road)… all contain wonderful things that you won’t find anywhere else.

SPECIAL SALE: Expulsion (2943 W. Marshall St.) usually has one or two lawn sales with excellent clearance prices. Big Scores Auction, a Richmond-based online auction site, is another great resource. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

KIM ENFANTS recommends:

CONSIGNMENT STORES: I appreciate Impulse (419 N. Ridge Road) for curtains and accessories; their merchandising is up to date and their stylized thumbnails make it easier to envision second-hand merchandise in your space. I appreciate The comeback (9750 Gayton Road) for larger furniture. Every week they list their new goods on their Facebook page, and they accept holdbacks / payments over the phone. Always a winner when you can buy online and collect same day!

THRIFT SHOP: I am a devoted Classroom and trash can customer, at Scott’s Addition (1720 Altamont Ave.) and Ashland (11088 Washington Highway). I also like Hope Economy (11260 Patterson Avenue) and Thrifty sisters (8911 Patterson Avenue); they have a nice selection of great finds at reasonable prices. The Junior League Wardrobe (2618 W. Cary St. and 6780 Forest Hill Ave.) both have a small but powerful selection of home accessories; you can’t beat their prices.

SPECIAL SALE: I love snooping Overbrook Estates (1601 Overbrook Road). They are open the first weekend of the month in a huge Scott’s Addition warehouse. They are always up for a deal, especially on Sunday afternoons!



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