Aldi Specialbuys box set: Smart storage with a vintage touch


If you’re ready to channel your inner Marie Kondo and get organized, there are plenty of ways to go about it. From cabinets and shelves to storage beds, at IndyBest we’re always looking for ways to keep our home clutter-free.

Whether it’s children’s toys that are your downfall, shoes, or a pile of magazines, we’re all about the mantra “out of sight, out of mind.” But we prefer a stylish storage option that blends in well with our home decor over a stuffy attic.

For affordable home shopping, Aldi’s infamous “middle alley” is the place to look. It’s been known to hold everything from kitchen appliances and dog beds to office chairs and furniture – the only downside being that the products usually sell out quickly.

Today, Aldi is making all of our storage space dreams come true again with a set of storage chests. And the best part is that this set is only a fraction of the price of similar styles from name brands – some of which can set you back upwards of a hundred pounds.

So if you’ve just finished your spring cleaning and want to keep your home in pristine condition, get these handy storage units before they’re gone.

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We’ve owned a different set of home trunks for seven years now, and can vouch that the trunks are a durable and stylish storage solution. This set from Aldi comes with two trunks, one small (52cm x 26cm x 20cm) and one large (60cm x 36cm x 24cm) which we think are perfect for stacking – as with three trunks, reach the bottom is a bit of a hassle.

Design-wise there’s a vintage feel – reminding us of classic suitcases of yore (not that we were here for these) – thanks to the metal locks and handles attached to each case. While our trunk set is covered in fabric, Aldi’s steel set can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth, making it a good choice for the living room where spills are more likely to occur.

As for what you can store inside, well, that’s entirely up to you and the room they’re sitting in. Our current set lives in the bedroom and as such stores our spare bedding, gym clothes that won’t fit in our trunk of drawers, and books that date back to our college days. But we can imagine stacking them in a nook next to the couch to hold blankets, magazines, board games, or even our Nintendo Switch gear when not in use.

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Aldi’s set even looks sturdy enough to double as a small side table and hold a cup of tea or a plate – which is where the easy-to-clean surface we mentioned earlier would come in handy.

Although we love it as a set, you can of course also allocate each case to a different room: one being a storage cabinet for toys in the children’s room and another containing your shoes in the hallway . This way, it’s easier to collect the items you use daily.

With similar options from La Redoute (£71.50, (£175,, Wayfair (£139.99, at a much higher price, we think this is a true budget buy.

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