Brandi Passante Gets Huge Profits With Barry Weiss Return


Storage wars came back to A&E with season 13 and a series legend has arrived to show everyone how it’s done.

Barry Weiss curled up in his black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr to ruffle a few feathers and wasted no time getting back to his old ways. Brandi Passante also set the benchmark for the rest of the buyers by securing the first $ 2,000 profit of the season.

Episodes 1 and 2 were played back to back on A&E and there was a lot of bidding, winning and losing action as Season 14 began.

What happened to Storage wars Season 13?

Bidders were looking at a storage facility in West Covina, Calif., In Episode 1 titled “Older and Weiss-er.”

The episode’s namesake, Barry Weiss, shocked the rest of the cast when he made his comeback to the show after an eight-year hiatus. He told the camera he felt “like a completely born again bidder” and he showed his new life with an impressive profit from his first storage container.

After a bidding war, he bought his first locker full of boxes for $ 300. He was clearly the winner of the first episode, finishing with a total profit of $ 1,503. Darrell Sheets also enjoyed a profitable start to Season 14, earning $ 284 in Episode 1.

Promotional image for Season 14 of “Storage Wars” on A&E.

Episode 2, “Let My Lockers Go” took participating bidders to San Bernardino, California.

Brandi was the star of Episode 2 as she arrived with money in mind. Brandi is now bidding solo after breaking up with her Storage wars partner Jarrod Schulz before the start of Season 12. Despite their breakup, the two will continue to participate separately on the show.

The episode’s first storage room intrigued Brandi as it was filled with furniture and she picked it up for $ 165. The furniture and a vintage music player turned out to be more valuable than everyone thought and were worth around $ 2,500, giving Brandi a huge profit of over $ 2,000.

Kenny Crossley suffered mixed results throughout Episode 2, buying up multiple storage rooms, but many of them brought him nothing. The first two containers he explored were full of “trash” and barely saw him break even. His luck turned with the third piece thanks to a vintage recorder hidden inside.

Kenny and Brandi took the machine to an expert who revealed it was made in Belgium in the 1960s. The machine is said to be worth $ 449 in total, bringing Kenny’s total after the roller coaster ride. one episode at a profit of $ 740.

Episodes 3 and 4 of Storage wars Season 13 premieres next week November 9 at 9 / 8c on A&E.

Correction 4/11/21, 4:25 am ET: This article has been updated to correct the season number.


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