BY-WEAR ESSENTIALS Vintage “Eminem” Collection


As one of the the world’s best-selling and best-known rappers, Eminem enjoys an excessive level of support across the world. Japan is particularly fond of Slim Shady, it seems; Apparently it wasn’t enough for a brand to create high-end remakes of Em’s vintage t-shirts, as another basics specialist has now set his sights on the ring as BY-WEAR launches its ESSENTIALS Eminem series.

Apparently unrelated to the previous effort of Insonia projects, BY-WEAR’s time-consuming shirt, pullover, and hoodie designs nonetheless share some overlap in the designs it chose to reprint. There are The Marshall Mathers LP, Slim Shady LP The Eminem show and even the designs from the Anger Management tour, but BY-WEAR has also included a few new selections, which include an old promotional photo in front of a car and the cover art for Em’s division film. The comeback. To better distinguish the shirts, they feature smaller iterations of the printed graphics.

BY-WEAR’s true reputation is their extreme level of quality, making all of their 8 or 13 oz garments to exacting standards in partnership with Wacoal, which also manufactures the bases of READYMADE. The double (T-shirts) and triple (sweaters) lockstitch finish ensures a sturdy finish, while a “vacuum spinning” technique twists the cotton thread by the force of air, resulting in a thick finish but soft.

The rubber and inkjet prints are then applied by the same specialist who works with COMME des GARÇONS before the clothes go through an intensive washing process. The end result is a series of faded t-shirts, sweaters, mock necks and hoodies that pay extreme attention to detail in both sourcing and finishing. Even the finished prints are specially treated to achieve a crackle that is reminiscent of true vintage.

Visit BY-WEAR website to browse the collection of Eminem t-shirts, which range in price from 10,780 yen to 23,650 yen JPY (around 98 USD to 215 USD). Future rap t-shirt collections will apparently launch on BY-WEAR’s site in the near future, the brand claims.

As if anyone needed further proof of Eminem’s musical dominance, his Recall just celebrated 10 consecutive years on the Billboard 200 chart.


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