Byrdie Golf Social Wear: Retro Clothing Styles and Vintage Style



Byrdie Golf Social Wear was built on conversations with loved ones with a desire to bring vintage style and functionality to women’s golf clothing. Using bold plaid, floral and solid colors and prints, this business modernizes your grandma’s retro style. giving it a contemporary touch.

This American-made company takes you from your tee time until dusk at Nineteenth Hole for sundowners and libations. Brydie Golf is not suitable for an age group, but flattering for all ages, shapes and disabilities. In addition to pantsuits, skorts and stylish collared blouses, Byrdie golf offers hats and feminine accessories.

Hayden Short Sleeve Dress – $ 245. (Byrdie Golf Social Wear)

Byrdie Golf’s Short Sleeve Hayden Dress features the company’s signature puffed sleeves and floral shorts. This gingham-style button-down shirt is a retro style that all golfers can enjoy on the course.

Byride Golf Social Social Sweater – $ 225. (Byrdie Golf Social Wear)

The social sweater in Italian yarn gives a superb designer feel for a winter on the course. The sweater has a ribbed collar, cuffs and waist that make it easy to slip into shorts, pants or skorts.

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