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CABINtique buyers at 521 S St Vrain Ave. in Estes Park can browse a wonderful collection of old and new. Among the new useful and decorative objects, vintage and retro collections awaken memories of the past.

Store owner Carey Stevanus opened her store in March 2019.

“I worked for other people in retail before and then I worked in a different field,” she said. “After I left, I was interested in returning to retail. I am a lover of the history of Estes Park. That’s part of why I opened the store. I sell part of my own collection, items that I have collected for many years.

Wendy Rigby, Estes Park Trail-Gazette

CABINtique sells retro ornaments with a vintage look.

Stevanus said most locals shop in the store and the people she calls semi-locals with second homes in Estes Park.

“Tourists are more than welcome to come,” she added.

Stevanus also has a website,, and many of its customers shop online.

“The reaction I get from most people who walk into CABINtique is that the store is full of souvenirs,” she noted. “People come into the kitchen and have memories of their grandmothers and the days they enjoyed from the past.”

She also sells old photographs, artwork, stationery, and lots of home decor.

“For Christmas, I have a lot of retro ornaments with a vintage look,” Stevanus noted, “and things that will remind you of Christmas from your past, from your childhood, like Santa Claus with glowing bubbles.”

CABINtique also offers garlands, greenery, and trees that are easy to incorporate into holiday decorations, although, as Stevanus said, “In Estes Park you can leave a lot of that all year round.”

Wendy Rigby, Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Owner Carey Stevanus said, “I love helping people find things that suit their space.”

Stevanus said running the store was his passion because “I love helping people find things that suit their space. But I also like to find the right home for the things that are in my store. Something just came out of here that went to the right house and I’m glad it did.

The pandemic has hit his business. Many of those second home owners who enjoy shopping at CABINtique haven’t made the trip to Estes this summer.

“I have missed these people very much this year,” she said.

However, Stevanus stressed that the impact of the pandemic was not as bad as the impact of the fire. Since the wildfire and the evacuation, business has plummeted. She hopes that with the giveaway season in full swing, business will pick up.


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