Camera made in 1885 among the superb vintage collection of the Archaeological Survey of India on public display


Photo: iStock

The Aurangabad circle of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has brought out its collection of vintage cameras and photography-related paraphernalia dating back more than 130 years for display in its office here, an official has said. .

Nearly 100 items, including 10 cameras and 90 other pieces, were displayed at the office to give visitors a rare glimpse of photographic equipment used in ancient times, he said.

ASI’s Aurangabad Circle (formerly called the Western Circle) was formed in 1885 to cover the monuments of the former Bombay Presidency, which included Gujarat, parts of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and parts of the Sindh province (Pakistan), the official said.

It was later divided and renamed into the South West Circle and had its headquarters in Pune. In 1964 he was transferred to Aurangabad, he said.

Over a span of 137 years, the Aurangabad circle has managed to maintain an impeccable collection of cameras, the official said.

Large cameras made in Britain, made of wood and brass are part of the display at the ASI office, he said.

The oldest in the collection is a Gandolfi camera made in 1885, which is made of wood and brass, he said.

“These cameras were well maintained and polished from time to time even when not in use. The speed graph camera, which is on display in the office, is also in working order,” senior photographer Vijay Satbhai told PTI.

At least 90 photography-related accessories such as lenses, plates, shutters and other equipment are also on display at the office, it said.

When contacted, the circle’s chief archaeologist Milan Kumar Chauley said: “We presented our collection of cameras to visitors. Likewise, we also have a collection of vintage typewriters.


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