Campervan hire in the Black Forest offering vintage style for your outdoor excursions


The permanent van life is not for everyone, but for those who want to hit the road and experience the sights, sounds and the great outdoors, Black Forest Camper Van Rentals is here. The company provides its vintage vans to offer you a fully equipped solution to see the countryside.

The Black Forest fleet includes a plethora of vintage vans, with a fully restored VW Vanagon Westfalia for guests to choose from. While vintage, these vans will ride through campgrounds, state parks, and the rugged terrain that forms their frame, as each has been modified for the task.

Ford Zetec DOHC engines provide the power, the high off-road suspension and sturdy wheels help renters navigate remote locations with ease. Power and vintage styles aren’t all you get. Inside there is room to sleep 4 on two bunk beds. A full kitchenette helps you go beyond heated beans for food.

As well as being set up like a tiny house, each van comes with a full propane tank, plus 14 gallons of water, cooking utensils, bedding, towels, and even a French press to get that coffee in the morning. of your excursion. Check out Seattle’s Black Forest Westfalias and see what they have to offer in our gallery.

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