Chennai-based company raises interior profile of vintage-style homes


A trio of interior designers think they’ve got it all figured out how to raise the profile of your home’s interior by adding the right antique piece

This is a simple brown apartment door with a simple plank hanging on the outside that welcomes you to The Bricks and Beams. ‘This is not a fancy office’ was my first thought.

But the door opens, and I find myself facing another door. Except that this one is reworked to become a foyer bench with mirrors attached to the top.

As I walk past the vintage living room doors and into the living space, I spot another door, but this one has turned into a dining table top! I look around and behind me, and I feel like I’ve stepped into an old house thanks to the unpainted walls and brick tiles.

From another time

This is the characteristic style of this Chennai-based interior design collective, which reuses old furniture, explains Ram Krish, one of the founders.

Along with Jey and Dinakar Manie, the trio operate their business on 1,700 square feet of land. apartment in Sholinganallur which has been converted into a boutique.

It’s not just vintage wood, the boutique’s breath of the past is reinforced by the many bottles of attar, cookie tins, radios from a bygone era and cuckoo clocks that adorn the room. place.

Chennai-based company raises interior profile of vintage-style homes

The three-member team is responsible for the interiors of the homes of cricketers Ravichandran Ashwin and Murali Vijay.

Jey, who has filled his house with trinkets from around the world, says they believe in letting antiques retain their flaws. Ram points to a long mirror enclosed in a gold frame to prove the point. The mirror has blackish marks all over its surface, a sign of its age.

“But once we show our customers the character of such pieces, they’re taken aback,” says Jey, adding that many customers follow and bring the team antiques from their ancestral homes.

Where the past meets the present

For Jey, a house is more than just a living space. “If you notice contemporary Western homes, they still incorporate elements of their ancestors.

Their homes are a fusion of past and present, ”he says, adding that this trend is slowly picking up in Indian metropolitan cities like Mumbai. But this “design consciousness,” he finds, is lacking in Chennai, and his team are working to fill this gap by bringing creative interiors into city homes.

Chennai-based company raises interior profile of vintage-style homes

Wouldn’t the lack of space in the modern house translate into elaborate interior work?

“The smaller the space, the better the emphasis is on design,” Ram says, adding, “We can’t put too many things in one place and call it design. Even the minimalist design should be suitable for small spaces, fit in aesthetically and be functional.

For example, how about adding some pieces of Thiruvarur the (car) at your home?

“When the the moving, there are pieces breaking and falling, and people pushing them away. Why don’t these pieces of history find a place in our homes? Jey asks.

But these antiques can be expensive … “Unfortunately, yes,” said Ram. But their experience in the antiques business over the years puts them in a good position to help customers choose a piece that is right for them.

“When you spot an antique coin, the heart should say buy it.”


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