Dawn O’Porter launches Vintage collection with Manchester-based clothing label


A sustainable fashion brand based in Manchester, Joanie has embodied bold retro prints and classic silhouettes through its collections since its inception.

Recently, he announced a brand new exclusive collaboration with none other than the queen of extravagant vintage fashion herself, Dawn O’Porter should be out at the end of the month.

The writer, TV presenter and director first rose to prominence in the controversial 2007 show ‘super slim me‘ in which she tried to shrink down to Hollywood size ‘zero’ by trying out a number of diets and trends from the 2000s, exposing the pressure on women to lose weight.

Since then, her career has spanned documentary filmmaking, presenting and modeling, but she is now best known for her thought-provoking novels that explore feminist themes and comedic elements of modern life.

Dawn is also known to be a vintage lover., often sharing his obsession with his Instagram account. She’s an avowed kaftan aficionado, so it’s only natural that she managed to incorporate a few of these iconic pieces into her Joanie clothing collaboration.

Like the majority of Joanie’s collections, Dawn’s clothing is inspired by ’70s in-your-face printswith bright florals and kaftan-style silhouettes topping.

The collection mainly focuses on dresses with prints and bright colorsreminiscent of the psychedelic era of the 70s, creating incredible pieces for all occasions.

Taking to Instagram, Dawn said: “So excited to bring this to you. My first collection for Joanie Clothing. 70s shapes and big bold prints. 100% sustainable collection, all inspired by my favorite vintage pieces. CAN’T LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN THESE!

Joanie Clothing is a brand committed to sustainabilityemphasizing slow fashion and retro collections that use designs by local artists.

You won’t find any of his clothes on the high street, as he’s committed to limited-run collections that minimize the risk of products ending up in landfill. Her collaboration with Dawn O’Porter has been designed and made from highly durable fabrics and will only be available in a small collection.

Keep an eye on Joanie’s social media for the official launch date soon.!


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