Death Watch Mandalorian and Ahsoka Tano figures join Hasbro’s The Vintage collection



Get the best of both worlds by adding new Star wars figurines to your collection with a retro touch! Today, the latest characters to join Hasbro’s The Vintage collection include the Death Watch Mandalorian and Ahsoka Tano. The Vintage collection features Kenner-style packaging, right down to the old-fashioned Kenner logo.

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Star Wars The Vintage Collection – Entertainment Earth

Mandalorian Death Watch

The warrior clans of Mandalore would have been wiped out long ago. But they were resurrected, and with them, their legendary battle armor that was dreaded across the galaxy.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Death Watch Mandalorian Action Figure 3 3/4 inch – $ 13.99

Ahsoka Tano

Clone Wars veteran and now Wandering Jedi, Ahsoka Tano makes her own way through the galaxy, correcting the injustices she discovers.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Ahsoka Tano (Corvus) 3 3/4 “action figure – $ 13.99

  • 3 3/4 inch action figure
  • Includes two white lightsabers as seen on The Mandalorian.

Vintage collection 8-figure case

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Action Figures Wave 10 Case – $ 109.99

  • 8 (eight) 3 3/4 inch scale Star Wars action figures
  • Each figure is individually wrapped with accessories such as blasters, lightsabers and removable helmets
  • 4 years and over
  • This Star Wars The Vintage Collection Action Figures case contains 8 individually wrapped figures:
    • 2x Ahsoka Tano (Corvus)
    • 1x to be determined
    • 2x Mandalorian Death Watch
    • 2x to be determined
    • 1x to be determined
  • Other included figures will be revealed at a later date.

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