DROIDS inspired C-3PO, R2-D2 and Boba Fett



Hasbro seeks inspiration from Star Wars’ slightly forgotten past. Four new action figures are on the horizon, three from the Vintage collection and one black series action figure based on the short-lived cartoon called DROIDS.

C-3PO, R2-D2 and Boba Fett will appear in the vintage collection with their precise color schemes. No shiny metal for droids, just flat, shiny whites, yellows and blues. Boba Fett will also be painted in these matte colors for his 3.75 inch figure and the 6 inch version. All of the characters appear to be repaints of previously released characters.

We spotted this Hasbro ad at Figures.com. These three numbers will be Target exclusives. Pre-orders for both 3PO and R2 are exhausted. For Boba Fett, both his Vintage collection and Black sequence the numbers are exhausted too.

From what I’ve seen of numbers from Target only, you’d better show up when the doors open every day of the week, or you just won’t get them. Good luck!

Power of Force and DRDES Toylines tried to keep the Star Wars license afloat on store shelves after George Lucas decided not to continue with more films after Return of the Jedi. PotF provided unique and memorable toys. These came in the form of vehicles unrelated to the cinema. Although once the mid-80s arrived, the Star Wars brand went into semi-hibernation until the mid-90s.

Where I lived in the 1980s, DROIDS figures were not easy to find. I had 3PO and R2, but that was it. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in the cartoon at all. Without Han, Luke and Leia, I wouldn’t have been able to commit to it as a kid.

The DRDES the television series was produced by Nelvana, also known for several Saturday morning shows and the fantasy film Rock-N-Rule. Nelvana was also the originator of the animated section of 1979 Star Wars Holiday Special.

Boba Fett has only appeared twice in Nelvana’s Star Wars animated productions: once in the vacation special and once in the DROIDS episode “A Race to the Finish”. It was a shame the bounty hunter didn’t receive more multimedia attention, given that he was gaining popularity in the 90s. When the original trilogy was re-released in theaters, Boba Fett was so popular that it was inserted in New hope.

It’s weird to think it took over forty years for Fett to get his own show or even a meaningful role on another show. However, I’m glad it didn’t happen under the prequel era mindset of George Lucas. Phew.

What are your thoughts on DRDES and Ewoks? Let us know in the comments.

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