Dusty Riach put his bidding career on hold to tour music before Storage Wars


Dusty Riach is a firm Storage Wars bidder, but the A&E star often practiced with his band early in his career. From vintage clown shoes to a super rare bike, he always makes some decent finds.

Previously a member of a group called Music Alive, the former musician and vintage collector usually joins other bidders in trying to make a profit, despite having absolutely no idea what items are stored in each container.

He’s now back for season 14, but the truth is, he temporarily gave up his bidding career at the young age of 21. For several years, Dusty gave up his buying and selling skills to play the keyboard on stage.

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Who is Dusty Riach?

Dusty is a former musician turnedStorage Wars cast member. It all started when he had his own table of toys to sell at swap meets when he was eight years old. His parents had a real estate sales company, so young Dusty followed…

By the age of 12 he was selling on eBay and quickly honed his collecting skills, picking up vintage items from garage sales or swaps and flipping them for big profits. He was quickly introduced to the concept of storage auctions.

He then instantly became a regular after seeing other exchange sellers encounter sellers with impressive inventory. And the rest is history! Dusty is now bidding on storage units and continuing to sell his vintage finds – for a promising profit.

He stopped bidding before Storage Wars

Dusty Riach is back Storage Wars star today, but he may have missed his moment after a temporary hiatus. The 21-year-old suspended buying and selling to tour the world with a band called The World Alive, as a keyboardist.

The core metal band was formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008 and signed to Fearless Records. Dusty then left the band in 2012, but said his reason for doing so would remain silent.

Even on tour, he found himself picking up items in one European city and selling them in another, just for a little extra cash. After a few years of touring, he returned home to Arizona and began collecting and selling again.

Now we have a cast member – who almost missed his TV debut if he never rediscovered his passion for auctions! Having gained quite a bit of experience, his expertise shone through and he eventually moved to Los Angeles.

Dusty’s vintage finds

Dusty has been a regular threat to fellow shoppers, and a particular pain for Rene and Ivy. And no wonder, because it has a whole collection of items for sale, which anyone can buy for themselves.

Some recent discoveries include a whole series of vintage t-shirtsWW1 squadron medal, 1962 bell magnum with original paint, watch books, sets of deadstock 1960s Major Matt Mason and a Yamaha motorcycle!

Those interested can purchase any of his collectibles at eBay, called Dusty’s Shed. It has sold at least 15,000 items and received 99.9% positive feedback, while offering sockets and ratchets, ukuleles and screwdrivers, among others.



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