Fannin County Commissioners Court discusses proposed battery storage facility near Savoy


Fannin County, Texas – Commissioners Edwina Lane, AJ Self and Jerry Magness, as well as Fannin County Judge Randy Moore, were in attendance for a regular meeting of the Fannin County Commissioners Court held on Tuesday September 7, 2021. Vessel 4 Commissioner Dean Lackey was absent.

The meeting opened with an invocation from Darrell Hathcock of the Fannin Baptist Association and the pledges were led by Judge Moore.


A brief discussion of the ongoing restoration of the 1888 Fannin County Courthouse included moving the stonemason to the west and northwest parts of the building, taping and bedding continues on the third floor, and the system HVAC has been installed and will be tested this week.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court has approved the time periods, pay dates, commissioner hearing dates, and Fannin County holidays for the 2022 calendar year.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the treasurer’s financial report for August 2021 as well as the treasurer’s investment report for August 2021.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court discussed at length a proposed battery storage facility in Fannin County.

The energy storage facility would be used to compensate for power outages and would meet ERCOT’s need for additional stand-alone battery storage facilities. This project, which is proposed by the same company that developed a solar farm near Wolfe City, would be located on five acres of leased land north of Savoy.

This facility would be located south of the substation near the Fannin-Grayson County line on US 82 and have arrelatively large storage capacity of 300 megawatts, with some discussions on the possibility of increasing the storage to 600 megawatts.

A spokesperson for the company told commissioners it would be – at a minimum – a $ 100 million project on land that is now ag

A 15-year amortization schedule with a much higher initial value than the typical solar farm tax structure means departmental taxes would be roughly equivalent to two solar farms using 1,600 acres.

Energy storage would consist of one hour of local energy storage; the facility would have the capacity to recharge the facility in about an hour.

The project has an estimated lifespan of 15 years, at the end of which the agreement provides for the restoration of the land to its current state.

Fannin County will be asked to create a reimbursement zone and develop a pilot agreement.

This project will be back on the agenda as an action point.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court discussed the distribution of unclaimed property capital credits received in the amount of $ 122,009.21.

The Tribunal of Commissioners asked for comments on how best to use these funds and suggestions were included. Lake Fannin, vaccine deployment aid, Honey Grove Library, Bonham Chamber of Commerce, Fannin County Children’s Center, Fannin County Child Welfare Board, Creative Arts Center, park benches at the courthouse and all county libraries.

Malinda Allison addressed the court of commissioners and praised the invaluable services provided by the three public libraries – Bonham, Honey Grove and Leonard.

“A $ 5,000 grant to these three libraries would be a boon for years to come,” noted Ms. Allison.

Sandy Barber, executive director of the Fannin County Children’s Center, said the children’s center faces a funding loss of $ 68,000, so any contribution could help a wide variety of programs or help build a fund. new expanded facility.

This agenda item was postponed for further study.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the renewal of workers’ compensation from the TAC risk management pool for the period January 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to allow Fannin County Judge Randy Moore to sign the order levying the tax rate form for the 2021 tax year. The total tax rate of the county is $ 0.5341; last year’s rate was $ 0.589.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the purchase of a CARES-funded air purifier for the land records office at a cost of $ 120.99.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved payment of the bills.


The Fannin County Commissioners’ Court has approved a resolution supporting executive order from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott banning vaccination warrants.


Commissioners have extended the proclamation of the Fannin County disaster declaration for COVID-19 by a week.

As of Monday afternoon, September 20, 2021, Fannin County had been informed of a total of 4,349 cases of the new coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

Fannin County has suffered five COVID-19-related deaths in the past week, bringing the county’s total to 128.

The county currently has around 80 active cases.

The hospitalization rate in trauma ward E is 20.26%, down from 22.19% last week.


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