Fans told Looper which Storage Wars discovery was the most shocking


The options for our official “Storage Wars” most shocking discovery investigation included some truly bizarre collections and items. Options were a “My Little Pony” collection, a giant wooden head, a collection of rodent and lizard skeletons, Elvis collectibles, a breast augmentation device, and vintage dental equipment. After polling 608 residents of the United States, there was a very clear winner, having obtained 24.84% of the vote – the collection of skeletons of rodents, lizards and birds which turned out to be an accident of the illegal road. Second, in order, were Breast Augmentation Device with 18.59% of votes, Giant Wooden Head at 14.80%, Elvis Collectibles at 14.64%, Dental Equipment vintage at 13.82% and finally the “My Little Pony” collects at 13.32%.

This set of skeletons was found in Season 11 by Darrell Sheets and his granddaughter Zoie, and it’s definitely not the the weirdest thing he ever found. Each skeleton was wrapped in bubble wrap, showing that the previous owner treasured these animal remains on some level. Unfortunately for the Sheets, Darrell took the skeletons in for appraisal and was told he wasn’t allowed to sell them because they were illegal road kills. According Redding, it was illegal to collect roadkill in the state of California before 2020, and even after that date a permit is required to do so, but only for large game such as deer. This means that rodent and lizard carcasses are still illegal to pick up even today, so finding Darrell’s skeletons was absolutely worthless. Fortunately, it still offered good entertainment value – at least according to our exclusive survey.


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