Free online cloud storage for one year when you buy a VPN – save $ 130!


This deal continues to be one of the best deals we’ve seen – getting you two of the most popular online IT services for one incredibly low price. With this deal, which has been extended until 2022, you not only get one of the best VPN services for almost half the price, but by signing up to ExpressVPN you will also get one of the best services in the world. cloud storage for free.

In short, buy a 15 month subscription (for the price of 12) for $ 99.95 and get a 1 year BackBlaze cloud backup subscription worth $ 60 – you can get this deal here.

Cloud storage and VPN offer

A VPN is ideal for securing your internet, especially on public wifi networks. But it’s also handy for hiding your identity online – so you can access foreign services that normally block access to non-nationals. This is not only good for accessing streaming services in other countries, but also useful for being able to recover your usual TV channels and entertainment accounts when traveling abroad.

Online cloud backup, such as that offered by BackBlaze, allows you to store images and files without the need for external hard drives or memory cards. This allows you to save valuable digital assets as well as archive your digital images and documents. This cloud backup provides peace of mind in the event of a hard drive corruption or theft of your computer. BackBlaze typically charges $ 60 per year for its unlimited data service – but with this ExpressVPN offer, you get the first year for free.

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