Gridfinity: Super-fast 3D-printed tool storage and retrieval


Our favorite cyborg [Zack Freedman] stumbled upon a common problem with which many of us are all too familiar – that of tool storage and optimal retrieval. His solution is Gridfinity: A modular workshop organization system.

Never chase your pen across the desk again

In [Zack], the perfect workshop has tools and materials arranged in the following way: (a) each item has a dedicated home within range of where you will use it. (b) items are exposed and in position for instant grabbing. (c) the storage system protects you from accidents such as spills and injuries. (d) it is easy to install and easy to put back and rearrange. An instant access storage solution like Gridfinity is designed not to help you store more stuff, but to complete more projects. The idea is very simple – post your stuff so you can quickly find what you need and get back to the project as soon as possible. We think these goals are pretty accurate!

From an implementation point of view, the system consists of a 3D printed base plate with a grid structure. It is tilted inside for storage bins to fall out, but not easy to pull out. The storage units drop into the grid in different sizes and orientations, so everything is contained within the outer boundary of the grid, so the set easily fits inside a drawer. Small parts storage bins have a curved interior surface to easily remove a part when needed. A partial lid on top allows them to be stacked vertically if needed.

Ultra-fast access to fully sorted stock – no more searching

While the system is being worked on, there are still a hundred different storage units, for everything from 3D printer nozzles to tweezer racks. Implemented as parametrized templates in Fusion360, it’s easy to modify existing templates for your business or create new ones from the templates provided.

No discussion of tool organization would be complete without first considering the king of tool organization. [Adam Savage], the first-order recovery principle is strong. For a more direct solution you could go the route of pegboards on wheels, or perhaps if you’re less mobile and in tight pressure, then familiarize yourself with the French cleat and build something completely custom right in the walls. Whatever solution you come up with, share it with us!


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