Hasbro Launches Star Wars The Vintage Collection Shoretrooper 4-Pack



Hasbro is back with another set of 4 Star Wars army buildings with the return to Scariff of A thug. It’s true; the Shoretrooper returns with this Hasbro Pulse Exclusive The Vintage Collection set. Four The Vintage Collection figures will be included along with two standards, a lieutenant figure and a commander figure. Star Wars collectors have been asking for army building sets and while they delivered, there’s still around $50 left to buy four loose figures in a box. Unfortunately, the Stormtrooper Set has not yet been replenished on Hasbro Pulse, unlike the Marvel Legends HYDRA Trooper. I understand supply and demand, but I do not offer army building sets and only allow one purchase per person and no restocking.

The Star Wars Hasbro team has been really slacking off lately with simple figure repaints and repackages. The Rancor HasLab was a great wake-up call for the team to see what collectors want instead of assuming what they think we want. The fact that we don’t have a The Bad Batch The Vintage Collection figure is a waste, and we barely have any new Star Wars: The Mandalorian figures yet. Boba Fett’s Book is just around the corner, but I’m expecting the same as the last Star Wars show with no one knowing what’s to come, so the toys won’t drop until fall 2022, if anything. Pre-orders for Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Shoretrooper 4-Pack should be pre-ordered at 4:00 PM EST on HasbroPulse here.

“During the height of the Empire, coastal defense stormtroopers, or shoretroopers, patrolled the beaches and bunkers of the Imperial military headquarters at Scarif. Now YOU can create your own battalion with the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Shoretrooper Pack! order starting today at 4 p.m. exclusively on Hasbro Pulse and shopDisney! The links will be activated at 4:00 p.m. ET.”

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