Hasbro Releases Confusing Figure From Boba Fett’s Vintage Collection Book AIPT


UPDATE: Less than an hour before the figure for this item went on sale, Hasbro’s PR team began distributing a PR statement, which read:

Following the revelation of STAR WARS: THE BOBA FETT VINTAGE COLLECTION (MORAK) Figure, we wanted to share an update regarding the figure’s pre-order price and availability. Unfortunately, an error has crept into the original pricing information released yesterday. Please see below for information on this figure, including the updated corrected SRP of $20.99, and let us know if you have any questions.

That’s still $7 more than a standard/regular version (and $5 more than most retailer exclusives), which is what the figure should cost due to the lack of accessories. That being said, it’s good to know that the Boba Fett tax isn’t as high as feared.

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Unfortunately, this article trailed most Target exclusive pre-orders and was gobbled up by scalping bots within minutes. Congratulations to the few collectors who managed to land one.

On Monday, rumors began on social media about Hasbro releasing another Boba Fett figure in the Star Wars: Vintage Collection line based on the character’s recent appearances. Unlike the last version (which was revealed only a few weeks ago), this version will have slightly different deco and fewer accessories while still carrying the “deluxe” price tag of $26.49. Adding insult to injury, it wouldn’t even have the “luxury” label to justify the markup.

I thought that must be a mistake and didn’t think about it until Banthaskull.com put out a full press release from Hasbro’s PR department last night confirming the absurdity:

(HASBRO/Age 4+/Approximate retail price: $26.49/Available: Fall 2022)
STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION Classic 3.75-inch scale figures and vehicles feature original vintage-inspired packaging and Kenner branding. This STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION BOBA FETT (MORAK) figure is inspired by Boba Fett, the legendary character from STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN, and once the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. This collectible figure features premium detail and design, collector-grade deco, and is highly poseable with a fully poseable body. [sic] head, arms and legs. The Vintage Collection action figure comes with 4 entertainment-inspired accessories. Available for pre-order from 01/25 at 1pm EST. See StarWars.com for details.

This Boba Fett figure is based on the version we saw in The Mandalorian during the penultimate episode of Season 2. Here are some images of it (along with the four “entertainment-inspired props”), which admittedly look pretty good.

Now here are some photos of the other Boba Fett action figure that was revealed a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that according to Hasbro’s press release, this figure costs the same as the one pictured above.

As you can see, the paint operations are slightly different, but the previous version comes with two additional accessories: a flame effect jetpack and the stormtrooper helmets.

Despite what appears to be an obvious difference in value, the Boba Fett figure announced Monday night still carries the “deluxe” price of $26.49 instead of the standard price of $13.99 we’ve seen for most single-card Vintage Collection figurines…or the $15.99 price tag. for retailer exclusives…or the $20.99 price tag of other deluxe versions of the Vintage collection.

The figure also appears to use the same mold as the previous one, negating any arguments about tooling costs. Plus, the newer/more expensive version lacks the acid scars that would match its on-screen appearance, making it even less worthy of the inflated price tag.

Can anyone please tell me what am I missing here?

Hasbro Releases Confusing Boba Fett Vintage Collection Book Figure

All snark aside, this looks like confirmation of the “Boba Fett tax” that Hasbro seems to be testing on its customers. If that turns out to be true, then it’s a shitty thing for them to do. I understand this is a company trying to maximize profits, but this is a pretty clear case of price gouging.

If you’d like to support Hasbro’s efforts to nearly double the price of its Vintage Collection single-card figures, this one will be available for pre-order on Tuesday starting at 1:00 PM EST. It should arrive later this fall.

UPDATE: The figure turned out to be a Target exclusive, so making a successful pre-order is probably a moot point, anyway.

As for me, I will skip this version along with many other collectors. I’m also looking forward to seeing if the Hasbro Star Wars team is ready to address this issue when it inevitably comes up during their next livestream. Perhaps a fix will be announced revealing some accessories that were not included with the 16 official figure photos. Or maybe Hasbro will come out and say it was a copy/paste error and adjust the price of the figure. Unfortunately, I think it’s just as likely that they’ll keep the price inflated and see how things go.

It’s worth wondering what Boba Fett would do if he saw a Mos Espa company trying to rip off its customers like this. In the real world, however, the best we can do is vote “NO” with our wallets.

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