How APC’s Custom Top Track System Responded to NT Hospital Storage and Access Needs


Maximum efficient use of available space is both a necessity and a challenge for any organization, regardless of location, business, function or purpose.

Whether it’s a business looking to accommodate more people in an office, a restaurant trying to set up more tables on the floor, or a distribution center trying to fit those extra SKUs into the office. warehouse, everyone is looking for ways to maximize their use of all available space. in the most efficient way possible.

At APC Storage Technology, it has been the driving force since their founding in 1972.

Specializing in storage solutions large and small, APC Storage Technology works closely with its customers to design the most suitable and efficient system for all of their storage needs. Everything imaginable, from oars of paper and crates of beer, to theatrical costumes and vintage washing machines, to old fragile native wooden canoes and spears. resolve than others.

APC Storage Technology recognizes that due to the great distances involved in the multitude of locations served, the concept of just-in-time purchasing and delivery is a very different proposition in a Metro office than in far north Queensland or the Kimberley region in Washington state. Often due to the length of the supply chain, proportionately more inventory is required to compensate for restocking time, especially with consumer goods, perishables and the like.

This is exactly the situation in the Northern Territory that APC Storage Technology was commissioned to solve for the Palmerston Regional Hospital near Darwin. Due to the location and being at the end of a very long supply route, its requirement to stock a wide variety of consumables and medical supplies for a multitude of needs, many with a short shelf life and varying demand levels, increased pressure to maximize storage space.

Pharmacy shelving

In addition to the purpose-designed state-of-the-art pharmacy shelving system, there were the most common storage requirements for a large hospital, such as Uni-Shelving static steel shelving, steel shelving static wire, both clinical and non-clinical specialty carts and metal baskets, which APC Storage Technology with its WA manufacturing base was able to custom tailor.

Customized non-clinical specialty carts

However, there was also the challenge of creating something different to meet the specific needs of easy disinfection, maximum use, easy access shelves with excellent visibility and unhindered access to the floor, including the possibility of wheelchair access. These unique requirements led APC Storage Technology to design the “Top-Track” mobile storage system.

As the manufacturer and supplier of the Ezi-Slide mobile shelving system and wire mesh shelving, APC Storage Technology chose the logical option of integrating the two, which made it possible to transform the shelving system into a lightweight wire and ventilated in a sliding mobile shelving system.

However, due to the nature of the required access to the specialized medical supplies it would contain, a clear floor was required throughout the system. To solve the problem, APC Storage Technology literally turned the whole concept (and system) upside down and the Top-Track system was born.

By mounting the metal grid mobile shelving system on an in-house custom designed and fabricated hanging rail, then adding directed casters into a freestanding box system, APC storage technology was able to provide additional strength. , while further improving the stability of the units. . This has enabled APC Storage Technology to expand the uses of the system and fully meet all the essential requirements of the dossier.

With all the easy-to-use benefits of a wire rack system and the additional storage space provided by mobile shelving, Top-Track ticked all the boxes required for the hospital, so much so that 31 Top-Track systems have been installed. When aspects such as easy-to-adjust shelving and the ability to reconfigure the system to take baskets and other items are taken into account, the adaptability of the system becomes immediately apparent.

Despite the fact that this is a new system, surprisingly, almost no changes had to be made to the original design concept since its manufacture, especially since the design period until the completion was only one month. While offering the potential of a versatile application on several products, this system has proven to be particularly suitable for use in hospitals; Since the installation of the Palmerston Regional Hospital, APC Storage Technology has successfully entered into subsequent hospital contracts in Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart as well as various locations in New Zealand.

It certainly seems from the feedback provided by its users that the adage “when you’re right, you’re right” is particularly apt for the APC Storage Technology Top-Track system.


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