How Dorit Kemsley Became The Real Housewives Vintage Style Star


“What I’ve always loved about vintage is that every time you get a piece you know it has so many memories in it, even if you have no idea who wore it or where. it has been, ”Kemsley explains of his current obsession. . “He has a story, and that makes him more meaningful.” While she has always had a love for archival fashion, she explains, it was having the extra time during lockdown to dig a little deeper that saw her gravitate to pieces that represent moments in the history of style. “What’s good now is that we live in a time when all of this information is so accessible,” she continues. “It’s really just a matter of having some free time, and COVID has given it a little bit more time to watch those old parades and go deeper and deeper.”

For Kemsley, this endless fashion curiosity is something she can trace back to her childhood, adding that she comes from a long line of women who loved to dress new, including her grandmother. , who “never left the house without full makeup and a small purse,” and her mother, whose clothes she often borrowed. “As a young girl, I always wanted to pin things to my pants or add patches or do something to me. And I will never forget that by the time I was in sixth grade, I could fit into my mom’s clothes, so I would wear her clothes to school. I was in grade school and my teachers were looking at me like, wow Dorit, “she laughs.” I would wear a long jacket with cigarette pants or something. I always loved dressing up.


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