How to choose the best climate-controlled storage in San Diego


Climate-controlled storage is a term used by many warehouses to advertise the optimal conditions of their storage facilities. The truth is that only some storage units are air-conditioned. Also, some of the facilities that claim to offer air-conditioned units actually only offer temperature control.
In San Diego, some self-storage facilities offer air-conditioned storage units. In this guide, we will look at what exactly air conditioning is and find out which companies offer such units.

At the end of this article, you will also know why air-conditioned storage is so important to protect your belongings.

What does temperature controlled storage mean?

As mentioned above, an air-conditioned unit can handle more than just temperature. Of course, it’s important to keep a unit warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But extreme temperatures are just one of the things that could damage your items.

An air-conditioned unit also controls humidity and removes dust using humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Not all self-storage facilities offer such protection. Some facilities offer top notch climate control if you are a San Diego resident looking for a controlled storage facility. Let’s take a look at the best ones.

The 3 Best Air-Conditioned Storage Facilities in San Diego

1. Juujbox storage

To Juujbox, your things are more than safe. The company’s facilities provide top notch climate control for its units. Plus, the company protects your storage with 24/7 monitoring, guarded access, and highly trained onsite staff.

Unlike other San Diego storage providers, Juujbox is more than just a place full of storage units. Juujbox’s flexible storage plans, affordable box storage (from $9.95 per month) and excellent door-to-door service.

Concretely, with Juujbox, you only have to pack the things you don’t need. After that, the company will pick them up from your home. You can store your stuff at Juujbox for as long as needed.

When you need your stuff again, you need to call the facilities and request a delivery. For all of these reasons, Juujbox easily made our list with the best air-conditioned storage in San Diego.

2. CubeSmart Self-Service Storage

The only downside to Juujbox is that it’s specifically designed to store smaller items like clothing and seasonal decorations. On the other hand, CubeSmart Self Storage is a smart solution for San Diego residents looking to store large items like furniture.

Even though not all CubeSmart storage units are air-conditioned, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. Sometimes you just need your stuff stored in a standard unit. But if you need an extra layer of protection, CubeSmart offers several climate-controlled storage units in San Diego.

As with their standard units, you can access your storage space at any time. The plans aren’t as flexible and affordable as Juujbox’s, but CubeSmart isn’t expensive either (starting at $49 per month). This is why CubeSmart is considered a great Juujbox alternative for storing large items.

3. A1 Self-Storage – Pacific Highway

If you’re based near the San Diego airport, the A1 Self-Storage is a solid choice. The self-service storage facility offers several standards and temperature-controlled storage units. Even though the pricing options are less affordable than those of CubeSmart and JuujBox (starting at $95 per month), this installation is safe and flexible.

If you’re looking for accessible air-conditioned storage for large items, A1 Self-Storage is a great CubeSmart alternative.

Why is temperature-controlled storage important for your belongings?

The truth is, you only need an air-conditioned storage unit for certain items. But materials like leather and paper are easily damaged by extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. This is also true for other elements such as:

  • Electronic – affected by humidity
  • art pieces – can be damaged by dust and humidity
  • Clothes – affected by humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Small vintage objects such as a vinyl record – can be destroyed by moisture
  • wooden furniture – affected by humidity

If you want to store any of the above items, placing it in climate-controlled storage is a one-way street. That’s why air-cooled and heated units are in high demand in San Diego.

Choose the best air-conditioned storage according to your needs

Choosing one of the temperature controlled storage facilities in San Diego comes down to your personal needs and preferences. For example, if you need to store clothes, vintage items and small works of art, Juujbox is definitely the best solution. The reason is simple: Juujbox offers affordable services and will pick up or deliver your items to your doorstep.

On the other hand, if you need a large self-storage space for furniture or large electronics (e.g. TVs, desktops, etc.), you can choose between A1 Self-Storage and CubeSmart. Before making your choice, you must first clarify your needs and do some personal research on the efficiency of the air-conditioned storage facilities you choose.


In most cases, air-conditioned storage units are not as affordable as traditional units. This is also true for San Diego self-storage units. But if you want to protect your valuable assets for the long term, temperature-controlled storage is always the best solution.

Whether you need to store small or large items, San Diego has the facilities you are looking for. In fact, Juujbox, CubeSmart, and A1 Self-Storage happen to have the best air-conditioned units in the area.


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