Hundreds of sealed 80s/90s SEGA and SNES games found in storage


The rare find is easily worth thousands.

When a video game store closed in 1994, the Nebraska store’s inventory was packed up and put into storage. Now it’s nearly 28 years later, and the treasure trove of games has been uncovered, amounting to a collection that includes hundreds of factory sealed SNES, Sega Genesis, Saturn, 3DO and Sega CD titles from the 80s. and 90. This rare find worth thousands of dollars was reported by YouTube account and video game retailer THISISGAMEROOM. Check out the amazing video below.

According to their YouTube account, Gameroom is a “giant video game store with a warehouse full of cool retro shit and electronic leftovers.” The video shows cases upon cases filled to the brim with classic titles. One of the men in the video joked that while several of the games included less valuable titles such as NBA and crazy games, the incredibly rare finds more than made up for them. Although, even games that are worth less like Aladdin on SNES, Contra Hard Corps on Genesis, and Musya on SNES will still fetch a few hundred dollars each. The video also showed multiple copies of each title.

A few ultra-rare SNES titles shown in the video were the trigger of a stopwatchworth more than $2,400, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles on timewhich currently costs over $1200, and Sunset Riders, worth more than $750. Each of these estimates is in line with the classic game tracker Price chart and is displayed in USD.

Gameroom didn’t release many details about the precious find, even saying in the video that they weren’t sure about telling people where it was. Vintage game retailers said, “We will not release any further information about this collection until curation and documentation is complete.” It will certainly be interesting to see what happens to this incredible collection in the future.



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