I spent $250 on a storage unit and bagged 100 items – found a $1,000 jumpsuit, Ralph Lauren sweater and suede Birkenstocks.


A bargain-hunting mom spent $250 on bags of clothes and shoes in a storage unit, but what she found ended up being worth thousands more.

YouTube star Ashley is best known as The Hustle at Home Mom for sharing her auction finds, part-time income hacks and budget info with her followers.


YouTube star Ashley spent $250 on hundreds of random clothes and shoesCredit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom
Her storage unit finds designer favorites and expensive clothes.


Her storage unit finds designer favorites and expensive clothes.Credit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

Ashley resells her used finds online for profit and spends hours searching for valuables in lost cargo boxes and garage sales.

In a video, Ashley told a yard sale she visited, where she spent hours looking through piles of clothes.

The person running the garage sale then reached out to Ashley to invite her into their warehouse — and sure enough, the bargain hunter said yes.

What she found was a treasure trove of clothes. Ashley took home 103 pieces, including clothes and shoes, for just $250 – and she’s expecting a big return on her investment.

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With a GoPro camera attached to show her perspective, Ashley began sorting through the clothes on the spot in the storage unit, researching and pricing when she got home.

“It’s my favorite thing to do,” Ashley said as she started her job.

Early on, she found a pair of Athleta training tights, which sell second-hand on eBay for $35. It was a good sign that the transport would be a success.

Ashley’s hunch proved correct when just a few items in the pile, she found an Urban Zen utility romper.

Though it seemed modest at first, Ashley’s research revealed the jumpsuit’s jaw-dropping original price.

“I think it sold for around $1,000,” Ashley said, adding that the unique piece sells for hundreds on eBay. “I did not even know.”

The bags filled by Ashley were full of vintage finds and modern styles.

She found two vintage Ralph Lauren tops, a sweatshirt and a cable knit, and an Old Navy denim vest that screamed Y2K.

Ashley also bagged several Athleta bottoms, items from Free People and a few other high demand brands like Frame denim, Eileen Fisher, LL Bean and Vince.

She was particularly enthusiastic about two skirts, from the brands Johnny Was and Mother Denim. Johnny Was often resells for at least $50, and Ashley said she might get $100 for the Mother Denim skirt.

“I think it needs to be a little more researched,” Ashley said.

There were also a few odd items in the batch, including graphic t-shirts with old Apple Store logos or cartoon characters on them.

She also brought home several Patagonia and Lululemon items, some of which she planned to sell — and others, she admitted, would likely end up in her own closet.

Once Ashley exhausted the clothing stash, she moved on to shoes, finding the Skechers Shape-Ups and Sam Edelman heels in good condition.

After saving two pairs of Birkenstocks from the massive pile, Ashley noted that they were in pretty good shape.

“I’ll probably need to touch up some of the suede here,” she said, pointing to the spot on the shoe that needed a facelift, but was confident she’d be able to sell the shoes. to profit.

Ashley also expected to make money from the vintage Dr Martens and Nike tennis shoes she found.

All in all, Ashley said she expected a nice return on her $250 investment.

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“My low estimate is I’m going to sell it for at least $2,000,” Ashley summed up at the end of the video.

“It’s like $20 an item,” she reasoned, but she had high hopes for the clothing stash. “I think I’ll get a little more.”

Ashley discovered two pairs of Birkenstocks among the storage unit finds


Ashley discovered two pairs of Birkenstocks among the storage unit findsCredit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom
This Urban Zen Romper Originally Retailed For $1,000


This Urban Zen Romper Originally Retailed For $1,000Credit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom
The Ralph Lauren tennis sweater was in excellent condition


The Ralph Lauren tennis sweater was in excellent conditionCredit: YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

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