Ikea vinyl storage tips: 7 smart and chic reviews


Clever IKEA vinyl storage hacks are the weekend overhaul you never knew you needed in your life. Finding the right balance between form and function when storing your record collection can be difficult. And these clever hacks offer the inspiration you need to achieve the perfect blend of both.

For many, collecting vinyl records isn’t just about listening to music (although they sound great) – it’s also an art form that needs to be presented as such with great storage ideas. vinyl.

But the storage solution must also be secure, safe and accessible. And, if you’re on a budget, affordable. The IKEA Kallax is often used in IKEA hacks for vinyl storage, as the individual shelves are perfect for records.

And, of course, the best vinyl collection is nothing without the ability to listen. Check out the guide to the best record players for our top picks.

Ikea Kallax shelving vinyl storage hacks

(Photo credit: IKEA)

You can choose to simply personalize your piece of furniture with inserts and pieces from IKEA (as above), or give it a real shine with a dose of creativity. With that in mind, we’ve tapped a number of influencers to share their chic IKEA vinyl storage hacks below. Hope this is music to your ears…

IKEA vinyl storage tips for a stylish way to showcase your records

1. Adopt a retro look with the IKEA Kallax

Ikea vinyl storage hacks Kallax unit and Pretty Pegs legs

(Image credit: www.cuddlepill.com)

It’s no wonder IKEA Kallax hacks are so popular – it’s such a versatile piece and can be used for bookshelves, storage benches and a display unit to name a few. Its cells are also the ideal size to accommodate all your vinyl records.

“The discs fit perfectly in small lockers,” says Christina of cuddlepill.com. “We were able to place my partner’s record player (he was very enthusiastic about this purchase) at the top.

“It was a nice touch to the retro feel we had with the speakers. The one thing we weren’t convinced about? The fact that everyone knew about this IKEA piece and it looked , you know, basic.

She continues: “Finally, I realized there was a way to make the IKEA Kallax our own. I fell in love with Svea 150 legs at Nice ankles – they matched our Kallax system perfectly and immediately brought it to life.’

2. Create a Mid-Century Modern Console Table

Ikea Console Vinyl Storage Hacks IKEA Kallax

(Image credit: @toujourspaloma)

This remarkable IKEA vinyl storage hack is simple yet so effective. Take an IKEA Kallax shelf, add two Kallax door inserts and a set of mid-century style legs – and voilà! Got a swanky new display console.

Romina @alwayspaloma says, “We just added a wooden plank to the bottom side, then some mid-century table legs – you can get them anywhere from Etsy or Amazon to some hardware stores.”

Ikea vinyl storage hacks IKEA kallax console

(Image credit: @toujourspaloma)

Make a real statement in your vinyl collection by adding shelves above the console to display records with the coolest covers.

3. Use an IKEA Billy bookcase to create a stylish display case

Ikea Vinyl Storage Hacks IKEA Billy Bookcase by Melanie Lissack Interiors

(Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors)

Take a sheet of Interiors by Melanie Lissack‘ design book and integrate your vinyl collection into a larger display of object.

Melanie cleverly took the Billy Bookcase and gave it a complete overhaul to become a bespoke shelf piece.

The interior designer added Art Deco-style wall sconces to the center of the bookcases and upholstered the back of the units in a cracked gold design by Harlequin via Style Library.

The unit provides the perfect place to store a vinyl collection as well as books, ceramics, vases and plants for a design statement. See exactly how Melanie created the room in our IKEA Billy bookcase hacks.

4. Upgrade an IKEA Vittsjo shelf for ultra-chic vinyl storage

Ikea vinyl storage hack with IKEA Vittsjo shelf

(Image credit: www.yellowbrickhome.com)

This creative and super stylish IKEA vinyl storage hack has struck the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

‘The purpose of our corner: to sit down. Relax. Enjoy the music,” says Scott, of yellowbrickhome.com. “We knew it would be our fun little room to play our records, read a good book and hang out with the pets.

“For this to happen, we needed a place to store our vinyl collection, and after painting the Benjamin Moore piece Kendall Charcoal, we finally assembled an IKEA Vittsjo unit that was originally intended for our future kitchen remodel.”

He continued, “They’re inexpensive and well made, but because the records are heavywe needed to reinforce the accompanying glass shelves for something that could hold the weight.

So he set about reinforcing the two lower shelves with plywood and adds, “We added wooden shelves not only for the warm look they provide, but again, to give us enough support to all of our records.”

5. Go wall to wall with IKEA Kallax for a vinyl storage centerpiece

Ikea vinyl storage hacks IKEA Kallax

(Image credit: @mugidingdong)

Do you have an extensive vinyl collection? Do it the main feature of the room with an IKEA Kallax wall-to-wall hack for a jaw-dropping living room storage idea.

The owner of this cool space, @mugidingdong, says, “Kallax is a classic choice among vinyl collectors because the size fits well.

“We added the feet to make it easier to clean – plus it looks better too.”

And why stop there? Create a music poster gallery wall idea for the ultimate funky finish.

6. Channel a vintage vibe with old-school speakers and record player

Ikea vinyl storage hacks with IKEA Kallax legs and Pretty Pegs

(Image credit: curbly.com)

If you don’t need a lot of space to store your records, this little IKEA vinyl storage hack is ideal.

Invest in an IKEA Kallax 77cm x 77cm shelving unit, add mid-century modern legs and finish with vintage-inspired style.

“We needed a record holder for an old (broken) record player that my partner found at a yard sale and had been tinkering with all summer,” says Alicia from Curbly.com.

‘Using an IKEA Kallax shelving unit and a set of Nice ankles legs, we created a record holder with simple lines and a small mid-century character. Simple but effective.

7. Hang your IKEA Kallax vinyl storage on the wall for a unique focal point

Ikea vinyl storage with Kallax in a small space studio

(Image credit: IKEA)

Ok, not one To hack as such, but it’s a unique and stylish way to store your vinyl with an affordable IKEA product.

Rather than the usual floor shelf, try hanging a Kallax on the wall. This way, you’ll create a practical solution for your vinyl storage while creating a talking point.

Ikea Kallax Vinyl Wall Storage Shelf

(Image credit: IKEA)

This is a thoughtful small living room storage idea that saves floor space by utilizing the wall; it is as sociable as it is elegant.

IKEA says: “This is a smart, small but airy studio with an industrial feel, where the use of height frees up floor space.

“Up the wall is a row of cupboards for things you don’t need on a daily basis, like files and bedding. For items you use more often, like records, a wall shelf is a space-saving solution.


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