In Ibiza, vintage style still reigns supreme


Unless you have experienced it, the magic of the White Island is hard to describe. Its legendary superclubs may have made it the playground of the oligarchs, but long before the arrival of Russians and reality TV stars, Ibiza was a hippie paradise and a hotbed of counter-cultural activity.

Look beyond the glitz, and its bohemian roots are still in evidence. The photograph above, taken in 1976 in Ibiza Town, showcases the type of aesthetic you can still find all over the island and the type of fashion that Ibiza is still most associated with. The 70s look works perfectly here, with the island providing the perfect backdrop for all the kaftans, smocked dresses, bell bottoms and tees you might want to pack. No wide-brimmed straw hat is too outrageous, no fringed cardigan is too bohemian. It is a place to wear yellow, orange, ocher and brown, in homage to the Mediterranean landscape.

It’s also a place to dress up and express yourself, as weirdly as you want. Whatever your pronouns, you’ll feel right at home on the dance floor of Freddies, the club at the Pikes Hotel named after the singer Queen who was its most famous patron (alongside George Michael, sure). Men might want to pack printed shirts, linen pants and sturdy leather sandals for the day, but at night they could channel the most outrageous getups of the glam rock era without anyone batting an eyelid. Women are likely to spend their days in crochet bikinis, thongs and a preponderance of cheesecloth, but come nightfall they can really let loose. Remember what you wear – and however you behave – Ibiza has seen crazier.

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