Inside Tish Weinstock’s Vintage Collection, From John Galliano Slip Dresses to Tom Ford-Era Gucci


Tish Weinstock may be a beauty editor by day, but by night she’s also an expert collector of vintage – with her impressive archive, ranging from 1930s tea dresses to Tom Ford-era Gucci, making the envy of all vogue Desk.

Her vintage obsession began during her teenage years, when she experimented with second-hand pieces she found by rummaging through the shelves of local West London shops. “Growing up around Notting Hill, I used to spend my weekends shopping at Buy-Sell-Trade [shops] with friends and the Portobello Market,” says Weinstock. “It was a way of not looking like everyone else and trying to forge an identity for myself at such a formative age.”

It wasn’t until fairly recently, however, that Weinstock’s love of archival fashion reached new heights. “Over the past few years, I’ve really started collecting,” she explains. “I now have lots of favorite stores and online retailers around the world letting me know if they’ve found anything special or if they think I’d like it.”

Currently, her favorite pieces include a sheer 1920s Assuit dress she chose for Adwoa Aboah’s 30th birthday party last month (“it’s incredibly sexy but gothic at the same time”), as well as a John Galliano’s red velvet dress, which she found on Etsy and later wore to friend Camille Charrière’s wedding. In fact, Galliano features prominently in Weinstock’s collection, from ’90s strappy dresses to a metallic turtleneck number, while a 1930s wedding dress is another recent purchase.

Weinstock is often on the lookout for pieces from “iconic campaigns and collections that made me grow”, with ’90s and 2000s Chanel, Roberto Cavalli and Blumarine currently high on his wish list, alongside more than Galliano and Tom Ford-era Gucci, of course. She also tracks down Paco Rabanne from the 60s and Loris Azzaro from the 70s, as well as anything from the 30s – adding that the most unexpected finds can be “a wonderful way to learn about a moment in history of fashion”.

His best advice for finding the most sought-after pieces? “I think it’s important to build personal relationships with dealers; they can suggest things you might not have seen,” she says. His favourites? “Aralda, Queen Vin, Nina Gabbana, Gold Palms Vintage, Shrimpton Couture, Tab Vintage, Found & Vision, Archive and Opulent Addict for 90s and 2000s pieces,” Weinstock rants. “For pieces from the 20s and 30s, I love Morphew, Mairead Lewin, Turner Vintage and Timeless Vixen. They each have an incredible eye and fantastic conservation.

Below, take a closer look at Weinstock’s favorite vintage finds to date.


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