Ivy And Ace, Veloretti’s Vintage-Style Electric Bikes, Now Go Into Mass Production



Veloretti recently started serial production of two electric bikes – Ivy and Ace – and both are not only hugely impressive, but also breathtakingly beautiful. For the Ivy model, Veloretti added a “retro chic” Italian touch. It has white tires, handles and a leatherette saddle. But despite their vintage appearance, Veloretti electric bikes are packed with cutting edge technology and packed with smart and innovative features. As for the Ace, the electric bike will be available in three different colors.

That aside, it will have features like easy automatic shifting, a powerful and quiet mid-motor and an app to track the bike and the ride. On June 28, the Ivy and Ace electric bikes began mass production.

Automatic gear changes will allow the rider to focus on traffic and the surrounding area. On its website, the company states that the shifting will be natural and will adapt to the behavior of the rider on the bike. The company also added that “hills, bridges or mountains are no challenge for you”. The Ivy and Ace from Veloretti stand out not only for their design, but also for their high-end features.

Speaking to The Verge, Ferry Zonder, the founder of Veloretti, said they were quite overwhelmed with interest in e-bikes. “It’s crazy.”

Ivy and Ace have different frames but are powered by the same engine and are fitted with a maintenance free carbon belt. Both electric bikes come with hydraulic brakes, integrated front and rear lighting, and a removable 510Wh battery that makes charging easier after exhausting its range of 60 to 120 km, the company explained in the following video that ‘she posted on Instagram last Friday.

Last year, in May, when Ivy and Ace were made available for the second time, they were sold out in 60 minutes. The company then posted about it on its Instagram account. In the caption, the company had mentioned that it would soon “announce the third edition of Veloretti Electric”.

For now, Ivy and Ace will be available in three countries – the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany – to maintain strict quality control. Bikes can be pre-ordered for 2,399 EUR (approx Rs. 2.12 lakh), with delivery slated for late July 2021.



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