J-Pop superstar reveals vintage collection of jeans, suits and boots



There are, it seems, some perks to being a successful J-Pop performer and actor. Shocking, law? Well, while the fact that the pole Akira inhabits comes with a few comforts doesn’t leave you confused, her vintage collection will. The Japanese musician and actor – née Ryōhei Kurosawa – has some highly coveted stuff tucked away in her closet, ranging from perfectly worn Levi’s to bespoke RRL boots with her name stamped inside the upper.

The old one? Not that easy to find, but achievable if you are willing to hunt a bit. (It doesn’t hurt if you’re in the Japanese market, where vintage Levi’s drool-worthy jeans are rightly revered as the holy grail they are.) The latter, though? I mean, even the most committed vintage seeker won’t magically discover a Ralph Lauren-approved shoemaker hiding on the shelves of his favorite store, ready and willing to make a new pair of custom boots on the spot. No, to score something like this you must have an in. And Akira has an in.

The first Asian global spokesperson for Ralph Lauren purple label, Akira forged his relationship with Lauren – née Lifshitz – in 2018. Since then he has represented the most luxurious imprint of the sine qua non of American lifestyle brands while apparently continuing to create a range of the coolest vintage gear we have. have seen it for a while. From the aforementioned Levi’s to a stable of leather jackets fans will love – not to mention a handful of rare vintage jewelry and a costume that will touch your heart – Akira’s collection is the real deal, and Squire was lucky enough to have a behind-the-scenes tour.

So if you are tired of reading the fantastic finds he hid and want to see and hear about them from the man himself, hit play above and enjoy. Then do your best not to jump on eBay and buy 50 new (for you) gems. Good luck.

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