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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s been almost three weeks since the record-breaking Sacramento rainstorm and some are still picking up the pieces.

Jill Perlman spent days rummaging through soggy boxes trying to get what she could.

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“So everything I own is just destroyed,” Perlman said of his belongings to Life Storage. “You know it’s hard because every day it’s kind of one thing that I’m happy to see and then two or three things that I really regret. “

Perlman struggled to find the words as she sat among all her things that are now damp, moldy and ruined.

Sacramento’s record-breaking rain at the end of October was enough to flood several Life Storage units when a summation pump shut down during a power outage. The firefighters had to rescue the inhabitants of the area by boat.

Perlman has been dealing with the aftermath ever since.

“A tough ten hour a day long week trying to clean up and scoop up what you can, and it’s not just me. Everyone here lost, ”said Perlman.

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Dominick Palumbo poured about $ 20,000 into his show car, which is now just parts. He says what makes matters worse was that no one informed him of the flooding until it was too late to save anything because he was left in the contaminated water For days.

“When I took it out, everything was just soaked, just pots of water,” Palumbo said. “They should make up for what’s left of us, like the vehicle and everything. There is no way they can replace all the memories.

“I’m so frustrated because I feel like there could have been something that could have been done if we had been informed,” said Eloise Palumbo.

Perlman says she has been notified, but wants to know if the city could have prevented the sum pump problems in the first place.

“If that is the case, then shame on them for not fixing this,” Perlman said.

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CBS13 contacted Life Storage on Friday evening, but had not received a response while writing this story. The city says it is looking into concerns about the sum pump.

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