Lathrop strikes deal with Ripon for police force evidence storage


The City of Ripon will not just be handling dispatch services for the new Lathrop Police Department which will be online in a few weeks.

They will also take care of the storage and management of evidence.

Lathrop City Council voted Monday to approve spending more than $50,000 a year to contract with the Ripon Police Department for evidence processing and storage that was previously handled by the county sheriff’s office of San Joaquín.

The amount of the contract may fluctuate from year to year due to how Ripon will be compensated for the extra work – which will be billed as needed at $70 per hour regular and $95 per hour. hour overtime.

Although Lathrop has a new police department building in River Islands that will house the new agency, this building was not built with evidence storage in mind – likely because the city built the complex while it was still under contract with the sheriff’s office, which handled evidence storage. , and before the decision was made to create an autonomous agency.

“Lathrop must maintain the chain of custody of evidence and property received, and ensure facility requirements are met for storing chemicals, hazardous materials, narcotics, explosives and safekeeping of high value property. “, the city wrote in the staff report. prepared for the article. “As part of the agreement, the Town of Lathrop will provide the Evidence of Ownership Technician who will be primarily responsible for processing evidence at the Town of Ripon facilities.

“The City of Ripon will provide training and support to staff and will provide designated hours to be available when evidence is being processed at City of Ripon facilities.”

With Lathrop having a new facility that could house its own police force near completion when it made the decision to explore the long-term viability of an in-house department, the city needed to figure out how best to go from forward with other components that had previously been part of the contract with San Joaquin County – things like shipping and evidence storage.

While the town of Ripon is significantly smaller than Lathrop, the Ripon Police Department has long managed dispatch services for Escalon and has hired additional personnel to meet the demand that Lathrop’s contract will place on resources. The Ripon Dispatch Center was revamped when the agency took over what was the old City Hall building on Wilma Avenue after the city added an adjacent building with new council chambers.

Lathrop City Council meets the second Monday of each month at Lathrop City Hall – located at 390 Towne Center Drive – at 7 p.m. For more information or to obtain a copy of the agenda, visit the Town of Lathrop website at

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