Launch of the SanDisk PRO-BLADE Storage Solutions Ecosystem


A big day for media and storage fans as Western Digital launches its new SanDisk PRO-BLADE modular SSD ecosystem. They’ve created a family of lightning-fast SSDs that can be paired with compatible enclosures to make your data needs on set and throughout the studio more flexible and faster than ever.

The new SanDisk PRO-BLADE ecosystem of media storage in the form of sleek SSDs and accompanying enclosures/drives for desktop and mobile applications has just been unveiled. So if you need a seamless, high-quality storage solution to manage your media in the field and in the post-production suite, it might be worth a closer look.

Introducing the new kids to the block, this storage ecosystem includes 3 main elements:

  1. The PRO-BLADE SSD Charger.
  2. The PRO-BLADE Portable SSD Enclosure.
  3. The PRO-BLADE desktop SSD enclosure.

The PRO-BLADE SSD Charger new features NVMe Technology available in a range of data sizes to suit all 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB users, with prices ranging from $69 to $659. SanDisk has also thought about the physical protection of these SSDs (as we all know you can be prone to a drop or two) Thus, PRO-BLADE SSD chargers offer three-meter drop protection and an enormous crush resistance of 4,000 pounds.

SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade Series. Video credit: B&H Photo

SanDisk PRO-BLADE Ecosystem

The PRO-BLADE SSD Loader is inserted into your camera or device, then goes directly into the PRO-BLADE Portable SSD Enclosure after recording. At this point you can connect via USB-C to your computer for editing or transferring (support for read/write speeds up to 2000MB/s).

image credit: SanDisk

The third exciting element of this ecosystem, you can take up to four PRO-BLADE SSD Mags and slide them into the PRO-BLADE Desktop SSD Enclosure creating a super-fast 16TB portable desktop editing solution for the most demanding projects. more demanding!

SanDisk PRO-BLADE SSD Enclosure. Image credit: SanDisk

The PRO-BLADE desktop SSD enclosure offers a 40Gb/s Thunderbolt interface supporting faster transfer speeds than the portable SSD enclosure. According to SanDisk, the PRO-BLADE Desktop SSD enclosure paired with PRO-BLADE SSDs will enable real-time 4K/8K/12K editing and of course fast data transfers.

PRO-BLADE Desktop Case

The PRO-BLADE Desktop case is aimed at professionals looking for a system that easily integrates with their production needs. They can use this smartly designed ecosystem to ingest, copy and modify their content. A fast production workflow pipeline dream – check out the sleek, minimalist desktop case below.

The new SanDisk Pro-Blade Desktop case. Image credit: SanDisk

Price and availability

The PRO-BLADE SSDs and the PRO-BLADE Portable SSD Enclosure will be available in the US from June 2022, while the PRO-BLADE desktop case is expected to be introduced in late 2022.

Link: Website

What do you think? Would this new ecosystem fit well into your workflow? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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