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Summer in the Northwoods brings many people to the area. However, this is not only for our lakes, but also for farmers’ markets and flea markets.

A new business in Three Lakes takes advantage.

After Kristin Nedset’s mother died of cancer four years ago, she realized life was too short not to follow her dreams. She decided to open La Petite Ourse in Trois Lacs.

À la Petite Ourse “you will find unique items ranging from vintage to artisanal products.

“I have a macrame artist, a potter, a gentleman who makes wooden balls and then I also have seasonal plants and soon vintage bike rentals,” Nedset said.

Nedset has built up a collection of bikes over 15 years which she is delighted to rent as one of her offerings.

Les Trois Lacs is a great place to explore. The Three Eagle Trail is only a block or two from the store, Nedset said.

Nedset was destined to own a business like Little Dipper through his passion for savings. She got so good that her family and friends asked her to help find items.

I started saving right out of college. You know your budget is tight, but I was finding some really good quality stuff, Nedset said. You know, “I enjoyed the craftsmanship and the way things were made and the unique things they had to offer.”

Nedset used his economy and reallocation skills and his love of HGTV to completely renovate the building in which his business is located.
However, it was not a walk in the park and relied on help from the community.

“I started with the whole demo, then I pulled the electricity, as well as the stain and paint, then I brought back the wood flooring,” Nedset said.

After all the hard work, she officially opened on June 10 and is excited to share her gardening and saving knowledge with the community.

This shop that I see changing all the time because once again, I am always a thrifty. I like gardening. Ultimately, I know it takes a while to grow, but I would love to have a pick garden, Nedset said.

For more information on hours of operation and items, you can check out Little Dipper’s Facebook page.



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