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KANSAS CITY, Kansas (KCTV) – The days of scouring thrift stores and garage sales in search of the perfect vintage item are taking on a new form. Elizabeth Daniel – Decor brings the “old” to life online and makes it easier for customers to shop for these unique finds.

Since her teenage years, Elizabeth Daniel has been interested in objects that others consider old or out of date.

“I started collecting state t-shirts, like vintage t-shirts, from thrift stores and yard sales,” says Daniel.

Self-proclaimed extrovert, she shows her creativity through a particular art form. Her small online business, Elizabeth Daniel – Decor, does picturesque objects justice through photography.

Every Friday, Daniel sets up a decor inspired by a magazine or a movie in front of his garage. All of the pieces from her photo of the week are up for grabs in an auction, no auction.

Loyal customers set their alarms for 4 p.m. to be the first to claim an item they love.

“I start by posting the photo at 8 am, then give people all day to look at it, zoom in on things, ask questions and make comments. Then from 4 pm to 6 pm, I break down and sell the item individually, ”explains Daniel.

Items for sale vary weekly. For Daniel, it is about a vision and making sure that each element complements itself. Some items were in storage for nearly two years before landing on the Facebook group for sale.

Daniel says the next step is to save enough money to have a space where she can sell vintage pieces along with her original paintings and other designs.

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