Man begs others to check storage units after $30,000 worth of items stolen in Greene County


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A Springfield man reported losing approximately $30,000 in stolen property from a storage locker in southern Greene County.

“You are ruining people’s memories. You stole people’s memories,” Tim Adams said.

Adams considers himself a collector. He was away for a while but came back to Springfield with a lot. Adams had a large storage unit at My Storage near Republic Road in southern Greene County for two years. He had a strange feeling when he visited it recently.

“A different lock on my locker,” Adams said. “It’s not even a lock we have a key for.”

Adams had the staff cut the new bolt and found almost everything in his storage locker was missing.

“Things you can’t replace,” Adams said. “I shouldn’t be upset by this. It’s just devastating.

Adams said inside the locker he had hundreds, if not thousands, of collectible car sets, memorabilia, power tools, expensive furniture and vintage corvette tires. But he said what hurts the most are the things that can’t be replaced.

“Family photos had been eliminated, and I still had 200 or 300,” Adams said. “All my military IDs and my discharge, my social security number, all that.”

Adams said they took home a few remaining boxes and found the padlock the thieves had cut from one of the boxes.

The collector also said he loved getting the toy cars because he would give them to the kids.

Adams said he couldn’t understand how anyone hadn’t seen the theft, as most of his larger stolen items were heavy, shrink-wrapped and on pallets. He also thinks they already did.

“They had to have two people to pull out a lot of this stuff,” Adams said. “I doubt it’s random.”

Adams begged the others to check their storage lockers regularly so they didn’t end up like him, with a lifetime of memories gone.

“I’ve lost so many things that can’t be replaced, family stuff,” Adams said. “It’s more pain than harm.”

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