MT&W About To Launch Affordable Vintage Style Watch With Distressed Weathered Dial On Kickstarter



Hong Kong-based modern vintage watch brand to bring vintage Eclipse chronograph to Kickstarter wristwatch enthusiasts

HONG KONG – December 15, 2021 – (

MT&W, a modern vintage watch brand from Hong Kong, is set to launch a vintage-style watch with an aged weathered dial on Kickstarter. The Eclipse Vintage Chronograph pre-launch campaign now online at showcases the soon-to-launch watch and its premium features coupled with an affordable price.

“We have created a wristwatch that reinvents the classics of the racing car world of the 1970s, but adding modern craftsmanship and advanced features to a unique watch that people will be able to buy at a surprisingly low price.” , said Ted Leung, co-founder of MT&W.

The watch features premium tempered curved glass, mechanical quartz movement and the brand’s signature vintage patina dial. “In a nutshell, this is a timeless watch built to last, designed to impress and designed for wristwatch enthusiasts to be proud to wear,” said the brand’s representative.

The most iconic feature of the Eclipse Vintage Chronograph is its classic dial. The base material is a dull matte black, which is only visible on the outside. Most of the dial is covered with the characteristic MT&W patina effect, handcrafted, making each watch unique.

The brand’s watchmakers use a “skating” technique that involves a special combination of chemicals used to treat the dial. This particular combination varies depending on the desired color that watchmakers want each patina to have. “Although the process is the same, the end result and the color are always different,” explained the co-founder of MT&W.

A 40mm wide bezel paired with a vintage tachymeter design from the 1970s, a 316L stainless steel case with a hand polished double curvature lug and a case with a screwed back which makes the watch easy to maintain in the future, are other distinctive features of the watch.

The Eclipse Vintage Chronograph will be available to Kickstarter contributors in six models and colors: Eclipse, Panda, W Panda, Oceanic, Racing Green and Steel Gray.

About MT&W

MT&W is a designer of modern vintage watches for a new generation of vintage enthusiasts. The company’s timepieces are inspired by the iconic sports car racing style of the 1970s, where time was everything and a fraction of a second was the difference between victory and defeat. The MT&W team brings together experts from several sectors in Hong Kong, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Ted Leung, co-founder of MT&W, can be contacted via [email protected]. The campaign website can be visited at

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MT&W About To Launch Affordable Vintage Style Watch With Distressed Weathered Dial On Kickstarter



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