Mycle is a modern electric bike … but with a vintage style



This is the Mycle Classic – a very modern take on the classic shopper bike. But don’t be fooled by the proven design, the stepper frame is home to some smart new technology. Designed by electric bike company Mycle, the new model combines a 250W motor with seven speeds to provide a boost when you need it.

If you’d rather tackle the roads on your own, with the push of a button, you can switch from pedal assist to manual driving. A built-in screen will show your latest race stats, including which of the five available power settings you are using at that time. Mycle also includes a USB port, so you can charge your smartphone while you’re on the go. This means you should never get to your destination without less than 100% in the tank, even if you rely on your smartphone for detailed navigation.

The e-bike has a 9.6 Ah lithium-ion cell that can travel up to 50 km (approximately 30 miles) on a single charge. When you run out of juice, you need to remove the locking seat post – which hides the battery slot – and plug it in to recharge. Mycle says it will only take four hours to charge this battery to full capacity.

Aside from the nifty modern fixtures and accessories – smartphone charges, LCD screens with stats from your last ride, top speeds of 15.5mph thanks to the battery – the Mycle Classic doesn’t lack any of the iconic’s attributes. bike shopper. So you will find a vintage-style basket, a rear rack, a kickstand, leather handles and an ergonomic shock-absorbing leather saddle.

The Mycle Classic is available for £ 999 at in three stylish colors, City White, Mustard Yellow and Hackney Blue.

With free standard delivery on all new bikes, the complete Mycle range is built and tested in the UK by trained Cytech cycling technicians.

Speaking about the latest vintage-tinged launch of his e-bike portfolio, Mycle’s Michael Wooldridge said, “Following the successful launch of the Mycle Compact, we’re excited to launch the Mycle Classic, our fun reimagining of the classic retro shopper bike. Perfect for relaxed morning walks and picnics in the park, it pursues our goal of making sustainable travel accessible and fun for everyone.



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