Nasty Gal Launches Vintage Collection For Sustainable Buyers


Let’s face it, splashing about the latest fads has been a bit of a pick-me-up for many of us during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hearing the doorbell and running to collect our freshly ordered packages as a child on Christmas Day is one of the few joys we can feel from the ongoing lockdown.

Nasty Gal has launched a new sustainable range (Credit: Nasty Gal)

While a little retail therapy has helped us cope with the most difficult times of the past 12 months, we also need to think about how to make the clothes we used to be a little more durable.

So, move on naughty, who launched their vintage range so that we buy with respect for the environment.

The online retailer has curated a stellar selection of some of their vintage treasures as well as a range of organic denim pieces to keep us stylish and durable – especially when we start to venture outside as the restrictions of lock start to soften.

The online retailer wants people to buy sustainably (Credit: Nasty Gal)
The online retailer wants people to buy sustainably (Credit: Nasty Gal)

The vintage Nasty Gal range is described on its website as having been “reinvented, reinterpreted and redone” so that each garment is both totally chic and unique.

Organic denim jeans are all produced through natural processes that contribute to the well-being of the ecosystem, while vintage tops and dresses are all sustainably sourced and reused from materials from bygone eras.

The brand explains: “These ultra-reflective vintage garments are made to be cherished; they take pride of place in your wardrobe with each passing season.

“Plus, everything comes from durable fabrics, which means you can help save the environment while looking great at the same time.”

So every time someone asks you where you got your new trendy jacket from, you might say, “That old thing? It’s vintage.”

We can't wait to try on recycled clothes (Credit: Nasty Gal)
We can’t wait to try on recycled clothes (Credit: Nasty Gal)

We can’t wait to venture into our upcycled clothes …

Cheaper second-hand clothing has become increasingly popular over the past year. The Depop shopping app, which sees users selling their second-hand clothes to new buyers, has seen a huge increase in user numbers in 2020.

Having just under a million regular users in March of last year, its popularity skyrocketed as people emptied their wardrobes during the lockdown – seeing 2.5 million active users in July of the same year.

It’s good to see that we are all doing our part to buy in a sustainable way.


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